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Shipwreck diving has an amazing history and it has been fascinating all since the invention of equipment like masks, gas tanks, swim fins, Aqua-Lungs etc. These equipment have made deep sea diving possible and of course, exciting. Deep sea diving is also referred to as technical scuba diving. People enjoy it as a holiday adventure, without realizing that even a small mistake, like not taking a decompression stop, can cost even an experienced diver's life. When pursuing diving for an adventure, people should take help or training only from certified professional, or else it could be very risky. Below are some of the dangers of scuba diving.
The weight of water causes an increase in air pressure in any material that can be compressed (lungs, wetsuit, etc.) in proportion to depth, the same way that atmosphere causes pressure at sea level. Injuries caused by such changes in air pressure are called barotrauma (wreck diving). These injuries can be quite painful like ruptured eardrum or damage to sinuses. To avoid these damages several techniques are used, for example, mask is equalized by regular exhaling through nose and dry suit is equalized by inflation and deflation.

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