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Pete Lee
Family, Jade, Music, Gems, Reading, Music, World News, Family, Bicycles, Music, Unicycles, Fishing, Music, Good relations, the Mayan countdown and being at the wheel of the bus.


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I am a Tie dyed in the wool Deadhead. My mothers name was Bertha and her dad was named Franklin Tower.(NO BS) I cant even read Hunters lyrics without hearing Jerry sing them. Known member of the "Skeleton Crew" Turned pro in "83 after ten years of training.
A friend to Dr Albert Hoffmans problem children. A student of the brothers McKenna. A guest of the Keseys. Grateful for the Shulgins. Thankful for Rock Med. Amused by the church of the sub genius and delighted by the patron saint of lost runways.

Looking for

If anyone has a "lout" T Shirt let me know. It was the very first Jerry Garcia wearable art. It featured a spikey tall fellow hollering at a shorter rolly poly fellow,. "Out of the way Lout cant you see the world is coming to an end." The short guy replies,, "oops uh gosh gee I didn't aw heck" in the background the city is shaking with a "Rumble Rumble" these were only sold at a few west coast Jerry shows in the mid 80s. Extremely Rare! 100% cotton hanes beefy t black with white ink.


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