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Former manager of Grateful Dead Ticket Sales (GDTS) from 1983 to 1996., Co-Founder and Co-Owner of GDTSTOO, Inc. from April 1996-January 1998., Voice of the official East and West coast Grateful Dead Hotline from 1989-1998, This is my interview with Jerry Garcia at the GDTS office in front of "The Wall." It was Jerry's first interview after his coma and 10 days after his "comeback" gig at The Stone...October 14, 1986:,
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Steven Marcus


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I am 64 years old and live with and I am married to my sweetie, Susie. SRetired but open to new opportunities.

I worked for Bass Tickets at the original main office in Oakland from 1975-1980.
Bill Graham Presents (Blue Coat security and stage hand) from 1976-1979.
My own production company in Menlo Park (M & H Productions) from 1977-1985.
Grateful Dead Productions dba Grateful Dead Ticket Sales (GDTS) from 1983-1996.
Co-owned GDTSTOO, Inc. from 1996-1998.
My own company (Eye Candy Promotions dba Bob Dylan Ticket Sales) from 1997-1999.
Sold used/new cars for a whopping three months (hated it.)
Managed two different RadioShacks, 1 in Marin City and the other in Santa Rosa from 2000-2002.

I have been to over 500 Grateful Dead shows between May 1967 and July 9th, 1995.

My first rock concert was The Beatles at The Cow Palace on August 19,1964. I had second row center seats and yes, I brought my Kodak Instamatic and took pictures! You can see
them at:

My favorites in order: 6/9/77, 9/18/87 ( I can't think of the others at this time.)

i have over 1,000 soundboard tapes of the Grateful Dead including over 100 masters that I recorded directly off of the soundboard (thank you Dan Healy!)

I currently listen to Railroad Earth, The Call, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan...

Looking for

Old friends that I met on tour. Old friends that I haven't met yet.


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