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guitar, recording, shows, boardgames, family, friends
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Dave Seidner


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Hey Now! I've been a head since the late 80's. I'm in my early 40's and love being with my family. My 7 year old son, Zach, and my wife, Juliet, are the loves of my life.

While Jerry was still with us, I did my share of touring. After he passed, my touring slowed down a bit. I saw a few Phil and Friends shows (love them!) and The Dead, Rat Dog and Phish, as well. Most recently, I've really been digging Furthur!

At the end of '91 I travelled to Israel and joined a Kibbutz. That was an incredible experience. I met so many great people. I also traveled into Egypt while there.

As we entered the new millenium, I got married, started focusing more on my career in technology and going to shows really slowed down. I haven't mentioned that I play guitar and have been since I was a kid. Anyway, around this time I started getting into building a home studio and writing and recording music. (my homepage: features my music). I also started collaborating musically online with a bunch of like-minded brothers. We call ourselves Net Jam. Check out some of my collaborations at Net Jam's page:

When my son was born, my time for recording got less and less. Lately, my time has been devoted to family, work and the occasional poker or boardgame night with friends from work.

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always looking for new and old friends...


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