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Dusty Roses, Bolinas Road, Tamalpais high, Gans, Stella Blue, Days on the Green in Oakland, Winterland, Buckeye Lake, Deer Creek, Eyes of the World, Robert Hunter, Ken Kesey, Acid Tests, Mill Valley Cab, The Reptiles . . . Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Good Doctor (may he Rest In Peace), The Grapes of Ralph . . .


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Every day is a new day, no matter how fucked up yesterday may have been. All the yesterdays which ended with a Dead show were beautiful, wonderful, fascinating, peaceful (except for the Deer Creek show where the crashers breached the fence and many, many cops intervened), did I say beautiful. More 2 come, Mister Jones . . .

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3-13-93 Richfield Coliseum, IN THA BLIZZARD. Can anyone help with a tape or dvd of that show? Please, and Thank You! What a great show!! Tha Ice, Tha Wind, Tha Snow, Tha Smoke . . .


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