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I am an ultrasound technician in West Bloomfield, MI. Family, Spirituality and Music have always been a HUGE part of my life. I believe that sound and especially music is the basis and the key to this reality that we experience as Life.

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I am looking to trade a few Grateful Dead, The Dead, Derek Trucks Band, KDTU, Ratdog, and Allman Bros shows that I have for good quality copies of Grateful Dead shows that I have attended. Please look at my list and if you have a good quality copy of a show I have attended and are interested in trading for some of the shows I mentioned please let me know. Peace and Love and Thanks

Also... I have written a book on how I believe we experience/create Reality. It explores the truism that everyone is the Center of their own Reality and how it is correct for them. It takes the different notes to create the Harmony of Reality. In a nutshell, I believe that Intelligent Life is the Universe becoming Self Aware. Consciousness uses a Holographic Principle to create the Reality that we experience. All of our different concepts are required to give Fullness to Reality and it is this Fullness that is the Harmony of Creation. This means that everyone's own spiritual and non-spiritual beliefs are correct for them because they are the center of their own Reality Experience. All spiritual and religious beliefs are correct up to the point where it is thought that their beliefs should be correct for everyone. It is the differing views that create the Harmony of Reality. Evolution is Cooperative Creation bound by Space/Time and Cause/Effect. Space/Time are illusions used to create a Cause and Effect Reality in order to teach us the lesson of Love and Love's manifestation...Cooperation. If any of this sounds of interest to you or you may know of a publisher that would be interested in a work of this type, please contact me through this website. I love to discuss spiritual beliefs and to understand others take on reality and what they believe is 'going on'. Peace and Love and Thanks.


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