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Family, Friends, Music & Cocktails! Oh and my newest obsession is Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 32 baby! I'm seriously addicted and never want to leave my car now!
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I was born way too late and missed all the good stuff! I did manage to get in some great shows though and still do when Ratdog or Phil comes to town. My first show was Vegas 92, I was 17 and only had tickets for Sat, but low and behold some kind heads miracled me in for Friday and Sunday. Ahhh the good ole days! Saw The Dead a couple years back when they came to San Diego, great show but would have been even better if Jerry was up there!

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Vegas 92 & first shows. My whole collection got swiped from my car a couple years ago and those were the only shows I haven't been able to replace. They're very special since they were the first I had ever seen...

UPDATE!!! Thanks to Wandering Soul, I now have my Vegas 92 shows, plus a little extra gem he made for me as well. Many thanks Allen, you rock Brother!


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