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I'm from Cape Cod. I saw my first show in 1978 and my last show in 1994.

It was a wild ride. I ended up moving to San Fransisco in 1984 and got to see so many shows in Cali. The 80's were defiantly one of the best times (for me anyway) to be a Dead Head.

In San Fran I was a bartender at the Warfield and the Fillmore (BGP) and also the Great American Music Hall. San Fran was a great town for music!

Been back on the Cape for a few years now. Have seen the boys in their various incarnations over the last 12 years but it was never the same after Jerry died.

Now I got the memories and the music they left for us all and I'm truly a 'grateful' for that.

I'll be a Dead Head till the day I die...then after that even. ;-)

FYI - The picture is Me, Suzie Crump and Katie Ronan at Angels Camp

(I can't believe I saw 245 shows... How the hell did that happen!?)

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Old friends and memories...


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