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After ten years of FISCHPOP, a radio show on OK Bremerhaven (Public Radio) including my regular Dead Corner, I started a monthly show on Radio FSK in Hamurg, called STASH.
For FISCHPOP I conducted phone interviews with Michael Kang (SCI), Johnny Polansky (ekoostik hookah), Joel Cummins (UM) and Marc Brownstein as well as Aron Magner (Disco Biscuits) for two-hour radio specials on the occasion of their respective Europe gigs.
In 2002 I was invited by a radio DJ for a 11-hour Grateful Dead radio marathon called "The long night of the Grateful Dead". I published the included interview with David Gans on my web page. Oh well, long time ago, that's true, but still up-to-date!
After I moved to Hamburg, I started my new radio show STASH in March 2007, a monthly two-hour jamband bash for the European/German audience, informing about the news in the scene and forthcoming jamband concerts in Europe.
People can listen to STASH in Hamburg and vicinity live via antenna (yeah, the good old original radio!) and web stream through the homepage of Radio FSK, furthermore I offer mp3 versions a short while later on my own web page
For the last Jam in the Dam Festival in Amsterdam I produced a special including phone interviews with John Kadlecik (Dark Star Orchestra), Jesse Miller (Lotus) as well as Matt McDonald (Perpetual Groove) and I'm always open for local jambands like Captain Obvious or Cosmic Finger to talk or groove with them.
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