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tony buford
80's-90's dead especially welnick/hornsby shows, &earler brent shows, high end audio "give yourself a treat, listen to electrostatics or planers. your life will change. My favorites bsides the boys are: rush, yes, dream theater, the cure, & rock, and metal like dio, dokken, maiden, molly hatchet, outlaws, mettallica, queensryche, y&t, purple, sound garden, ozzy, pearl jam, zepplin. Good plus cool stuff like crowded house, black crowes, bluestraveller, allman bros, doobies, steely dan, cs&n, odd stuff like b52's, cake, talking heads. + many more


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Saw 3 brent shows, many others later. My favorites had bruce, and vince. I am a displaced north cal, resident. now in nwfl panhandle.
ignorance, & rednecks sux, still listing shows i have seen from 9/89 to 6/95

Looking for

top quality silver bowl shows from 92,93,
oakland coliseuim with hornsby/welnick
male friends, maybe female friends? Naw just cool guys.


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