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I have this on-going interest is continuing to re-categorize my world, through personal experience, stillness, reading, listening to music, drumming, dancing naked, and sharing ideas. The Dead's music has been the continuous soundtrack of my life. I love being with my grandkids, Angelina & Brendan, (and now Cole James 2-15-10) and sharing things with them that their parents just kinda shake their heads at. I love the energy of nature. And looking to share what I've learned with anyone who cares to ask. I believe in the ability to Ascend before I grow old, certainly an on-going challenge.
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I've lived a life that has had the many twists and turns that come from living, changes I've come to understand. 1st concert was Janis @ MRF in Summer 1969, 1st Dead show there in July 1970. Saw the Dead several times in the early 70's in the St. Louis area, my best shows were from this time, but it was the Legion of Mary in 1974 that truly took hold of my Soul. With Jerry, Merle, state of mind that evening was primed & the timing was perfect. The Dead's music had put me in orbit years before but this show sent me on to deep space. Thank you for a real good time! Counting Jerry, Kingfish, Midnights and other Dead shows I've kinda spaced on, have been infected with the magic live about 50 times. I am so happy living this lifetime I've created, at this special time in the history of the planet...and much of that joy has stemmed from the music & ideals of the Dead. This group of folks was more than a band, which many don't see, but I know I'm talking to the converted here. So beautiful, so cosmic...

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Tapes or setlist for my 1st Dead show, July 8,1970 from the Mississippi River Festival on the campus of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. This was their 1st show after the Festival Express train ride, and right before a trip to NYC. I've heard some folks question whether this show even happened...I was there! But I do need help re-constructing the evening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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