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dancing at shows (you know which ones) mountain biking, music, music and more music... hiking, yoga, skiing, golf, penn state football, politics, the environment, time with family, great beer and friendships with like-minded people.
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I got on the bus Fall of 1980 when I was turned onto Wake of the Flood, Reckoning & Deadset...then came Englishtown 77 : ))) There was no turning back.... First show: April 5th 1981, Philadelphia Spectrum. Mind blowing.... life altering.... 'nuff said.

I started recording during the 09 Dead tour and have been adding from every show since. It's for personal enjoyment so don't expect exceptional quality...but it should be enough to make you go out, buy those tickets and support these boys while they are still willing to share their love & talent with the rest of us. Enjoy!


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