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As a freelance timber cruiser, I used to arrange my work schedule around the Dead shows that I could attend. I preferred to function as a Flintstone rather than a Jetson. My work kept me in the forest and out of the office. A knee injury has required re-training, and I joined the modern world of computers in 2008. Since then I have received my Bachelor's Degree (Applied Science) in June, 2010. I would check this site periodically, but schoolwork and shows kept me busy.
I am grateful to be a part of the online world.

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As a believer in the science of global warming, I recognize the need for ALL of us to take the necessary steps to achieve carbon neutrality. I was responsible for the release of nearly 2 metric tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere as I attended the 9 shows of Furthur's September tour. How much more damage was done by the rest of us? I propose a process of inclusion and offsets into the cost of tickets so we are no longer part of the problem, but are a part of the solution, Isn't it amazing that we can make a difference? I discussed this with lots of folks along the way, and I received a lot of support. Now It's time for my next dream job. Furthur, would you please consider hiring me as a Sustainability Coordinator? Brent sang, "We Can Run" over twenty years ago. Let's take the next step before it's too late because "we can't hide."


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