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My family, my snakes, cat and Bear (G.R.). Listening to music, tanning, reading. Hanging out, relaxing and just trying to stay sane (cough) in an insane world.
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I'm a Native Floridian. I was born in Miami Florida and living in Orlando Florida now for about 21 years. I am a Naturalist, I LOVE the outdoors and outdoor activities. I love nude beaches, the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell of a Rainstorm about to hit. I love music and especially LOVE listening to my bf play his drums, He's a "Dead Head" and plays so AweSome! I have 3 ball pythons that I Adore and love taking to the local parks for slithers. I also LOVE to garden, I have 36 Orchids and always looking for varieties I don't have. I also of course have my lil herb garden and some veggies.


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