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greg plemon
the i mention 420..going to shows and Giants baseball games, hanging with my dog, working on my 4 acres of dirt i live i hope we can all continue on in deadheaddom forever..hey i just made a new 'deadheaddom' much like my this site should help.....peace


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i am looking for my friend 'SKY'..she is from area near san diego,in your forty's...we met on my buds tour bus Richard the 'Rooster'..Rich and Gary sold their custom made stickers at shows.we all camped out in Big Sur before the shows at laguna seca in may of 1987,i had a new red toyota pickup.and we spent a night or two in a sweet hotel in Oakland with my friend 'sugar bill' and your g/f,sneaking in your new puppy that i paid for at the ventura shows in june '87,my dog stayed in the if your out there send me a message..peace


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