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Liz of SF
On the Wall, shout out to old comrades, jerry's kids, 1983-90 bay area, Keystone and The Stone, Civ Center New Years LST!, Whitman High Maryland 83, UCSC 1983 Merrill College, Cabrillo Santa Cruz pre-quake, FINDING THE FAMILY


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ok so actually I've been to over a hundred shows but who's counting? I'm Not. Seriously though: PHIL BOB when's the NEXT ONE??? My good friend now hates me cuz I ditched him for the last one, so wazzup? When can I give him his proper payback?---WHEN'S THE NEXT SHOW???!!Sorry to utilize this venue for that message, but these days one cannot anticipate which forum will be the one that gets attention, so maybe it's just best to try them all, I say. Eneehoo...If someone feels like chiming back feel free...I really thought y'alls stuff about saratoga was mind-blowing, thank you. Catch you on the rebound and see you right in front of jerry---Little Liz

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The Strawberry Lady---Gui---Catherine and Fred Hill---anyone who remembers the Mombasa-Kenya BUS---NYE 76-77 (or it might've been 77-78) in SF of course. It was Donna and they had The Wheel and Dancin and wow it was the totally awesomest I've evr heard them do that stuf. Also I miss Black Peter and brown eyed women and I miss everthing, you guys, sometimes I'm so lonley for the heads I just cant stand it


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