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Lashorn ThunderRoot
Making sure that my music never stops by being a better man, a trusted teacher, a patient pupil, and a Soulful Spirit. If the Thunder don't get you then the Lightning will!


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I am Lashorn Blood of the Cherokee Nation. Thunder of the Sky and Root of the Earth. My vocations are Multi Media Art's, Earthen and Social Issues, and being an ambassador for the Spirit World. I am attempting a West L.A. Fadeaway in the Fall of 2014. Time to leave my mountains in North West Colorado and voice my vision, share my thoughts, and sew a new mentallity while creating the good life in the City of Angels. I am looking forward to this venture. Hetchetu Welo.

Looking for

Artists, Visionaries, Spirit Walkers, and Survivalists of all types who are able to share and prosper in a collective vision. I am coming back to So Cal as a teacher, a pupil, and as a wiser man who would like very much to find people of like mind. West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach; I am sending a shout out to each and everyone of you.


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