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“IMPORTANT 3G’s ANNOUNCEMENT”, We’re thrilled to announce a new venue for the Grateful Garcia Gathering 2014! But first we need to explain the reasons behind, our move. As many of you know, the owner of the venue is selling his venue. We cannot take the chance to set up the 3G’s 2014 and Grateful Friends Fest on unstable ground. As you know, its to much of a financial risk factor. For the past 4 months, we have been offered other campsites in which to host the 3G’s. The 3G’s will be “all ages” like it once was back in 2007. This means if you are 18 and under, you MUST have a natural parent (Mom or Dad) with you at the 3G’s. We will not allow guardians, like the 18 year old friend next door. We have thought this though. We understand that not everyone will be happy about this move. The venue is a one hour drive south of Black River Falls Wisconsin. The venue we’ve chosen is:, Kickapoo Campground – in beautiful Gays Mills, Wisconsin
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