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Penelope Rose
Music, the Dead, art, antique books, all things interesting and unique, and rusty strings. I work as a nurse when I must, like to hang at home surrounded by all of the above with my dawg and work on my art stuff. I am a jeweler and work with gems and fossils, shells and rocks. I've been dead to the core since 1972 and nailed a retread to my feet years ago. Still going strong...built to last. I googled myself recently and am proud to say I pop right up under Got their attention at some point, tee hee.


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I'm just a good old girl that's learned to wait. Lived in Alaska for twelve years, and we were a satisfied crew when the Dead finally made it to the Far Echoing North. I live near Denver these daze with my good dawg Geordie and we have a pretty peaceful life. I was a psychatric nurse for 30 years, and I spread the wisdom and beauty of the Dead to my clients over all the black seas of psychosis with great love. The music was heard, understood, and brought great comfort to many. I always figured it was one of the greatest gifts I could bring. I'm kind of tired now, so I work more fleetingly and not all the time.
I write music, poetry, and am starting a book of my adventures along the cosmic outlaw trail. I have such great stories and it's time to tell the tales. I played guitar and was a working musician for a lot of years but arthritis has done took my hands and I can't play anymore. I sure can still sing. It's a life of quiet solitude for the most part, and Geordie and I are happy.

Looking for

I had a poster of the concert in Oakland when the Dead hosted the Who, and would love to find it again. 1976, if my memory serves. Also, I had a bootleg tape of a 1974 concert in Santa Barbara when the Hell's Angels were revving their motors to Not Fade Away. What a gem that was. I lost my bootlegs of the Egypt shows too. I would be so grateful.


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