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Family and friends; people I care for. Cycling, skiing, rock climbing, hiking/camping, boating, wine and great food, all with cool people. Music all the time. My new Epiphone Les Paul Ultra. It's a nice change after 27 years of acoustic.


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Husband, father and friend. Educated, business owner and employer.

Love is a reality and a concept of life. Care for others when you can; it makes the world a better place.

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Nothing really, except continued happiness and health. Okay, well: Peace of Mind. Avoidance of loud and obnoxious persons; they are vexations to the soul. A cabin in the woods. A mooring for my sail boat. My wife to accept my friend L.N.V. and a copy of the New Riders set between the Acoustic disk and the two electric Dead disks on Dicks Pix 8.


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Tom Cat