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Aside from Grateful Dead music and all they gave to me, my interests include but are not limited to: music of many genres, art, Illustration, graphic design, dancing, astronomy, exercise, swimming, travel, time with friends & family (I have two wonderful kids (Hanna, 19; Andrew, 17), nature, mountains, ocean, water, Oregon Country Fair, reading, writing, tropical places, and the list goes on.
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Tom Mittemeyer


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I'll get this out first and foremost, I'm wordy, verbal, whateveryouwannacallit, so if my tenacity for that of the vernacular with my storytelling that often accompanies my art isn't your cup of tea, have a coffee. But do stop for a look at the art. ; )

I have a lot of influences in my life both artistically and otherwise, and take it day to day and with an open mind. Artistically speaking, I try to work as diversely as comes naturally, and would never want to pigeonhole myself into a space in time. Further is the order of the day. Detail, craftsmanship, experimentation, concept, humor, and so on is what I strive for, as well as relativity with elements. "Thanks Einstein!" His theory of relativity is useful in the conceptual continuity department, yet also brings diversity from piece to piece.

Much of what I contribute to the art site here on is done for you. Some of it is from before I joined, but my biggest inspiration to create is sharing it with you. I am flattered by the positive comments and messages acknowledging my contributions. I tip my hat to all my fellow Dead mates! ; ) You feed me with inspiration and make me smile, and I'm going to give back to you. Good karma runs my ship. Inspiration move me brightly indeed!

So, aside from being a goofball, etc., I'm a dance til' you drop, good timing guy with a smile that I like to wear as often as possible. Beats the hell out of a frown. And lastly, I say as a Deadhead of many adventures and as a resident of the GRATE STATE of OREGON, FURTHER.

Looking for

Friends (old and new), connections, freelance opportunities of the artistic/visual kind, traveling companions, good times, and possibly the love of my life with a like-minded beautiful member of the opposite camp (ya know, the girls camp across the river!). ; )


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Tom Mittemeyer