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Michael Christopher Atwood
Tocar la guittara, harmonica, banjo, running, hiking, adventuring


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My name is Michael I'm 17 and love the Grateful Dead. I'm about as big as a head as anybody who has never seen a show can be! I stumbled across the Dead in my musical life journey a couple of years ago and I haven't been the same since. Really an enriching experience to delve into so much great music! It would never be possible for someone my age to grow to love this music without all the books, archives, official releases, forums, and downright good people that help curate and maintain the community. So thanks ya'll!
I live in the beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park and love hiking, playing guitar, listening to music, reading, keeping the peace, and above all sharing the different treasures I've found with the people who get it.

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I think my head would explode if somebody made a Matrix of 4-30-77... That Terrapin is so special to me.


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