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Preston Sudduth
live music, music festivals, star trek, religion and philosophy, autism


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I only attended 8 Dead shows and 1 JGB show, but they were all life changing experiences. Attended my first show with my then 8 year old son (he's now 29). The Dead have always been a shared experience for us and this has created a very special bond between us. I've recently started attending YMSB and Railroad Earth shows with my younger son. He is 10 years old and has autism. His response to the music has been incredible and we are forming a special bond centered around music as well. He also loves to listen to Dead shows(his favorite songs include "Stagger Lee", "Eyes of the World", "Me and My Uncle", and the cover of "Gloria" on Dick's Pick's 21). He is really excited about attending the All Good Festival this summer and seeing Bobby and Ratdog for the first time.


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