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christopher hartman
going to shows and festivals, camping/hiking, spending time w/ friends and family


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I was born in 1968 in Cumberland MD, grew up as a freewheelin' little hippie kid w/ my hipped out folks. always with them experiencing good times, mostly in the outdoor world, fortunately unlike kids growing up these days in the video game world! spent my early years in silver spring, MD(around D.C.) then came back to Cumberland (western MD, Appalachia) for my high school and college years. meandered my way through an Associates degree in business administration. met my future wife while working in the kitchen of a hospital. by 1992, tired of the hassles of living in a small town where the cops have nothing better to do than bring you down.sue and I moved to Seattle and just lived. went on many ventures while out there > spent good times and shows all up and down the west coast, enjoyed the great things seattle had to offer, hitchhiked and backpacked through alaska for 3 weeks, and eventually proposed to my wife in a cabin in the Olympia rainforest. Being a believer of fate and being a St. of Circumstance > we were there for both runs of the grateful dead playing in Seattle since they last played there in '83. Feeling it was time to head back east, we stayed the northern route and moved to Vermont (sth.wstrn. vermont). with many other good friends around us in seattle, our venture to vermont was just the two of us. prosperous times and good natured, layed back folks in vermont. we loved the snow and the solitude. as well as being there to see the boys play for only the fourth time ever in vermont at Highgate. on my way to do a hike with my friend Bob on Greylock Mt. we heard the news on the radio about Jerry's passing, that was hard to handle! then we headed south to be closer to immediate family and found ourselves in morgantown, west virginia.(about an hour away from cumberland, MD). we spent a good five years in motown, again feeling the love from one of the boys, Phil and friends played at the WVU campus for free after only being in motown for about a year! Unfortunately, with the passing of my father John on May 22, 2006 our time in motown was over and we found ourselves coming home to patch our bones, back in the good ol' cumberland hills. but, I sometimes look at circumstances with a sense of purpose and reason, so being home with my mother, my brother, my nephew, and old friends, I find solice in that. I didn't mention, that all those years of trekking around, I have been a cook, a sous chef, and eventually head chef of a restaurant here in cumberland > I was able to pay homage to my old man and named one of my culinary creations after him > ' John's Fire on the Mountain'. But, now I find myself back in the same college I graduated from, many a years ago, wanting to do what I was originally thinking about doing back in the day. Sociology, but fate brings me to this point, with a little more smarts and a shitload more of life experiences. ' Going on a feeling '


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