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music, love, trees, Water
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Joshua (Tree) Digmann a old Friend of Bobby (Thank You)


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I do not Know any thing about my Father. no photos no names, on my birth certificate it says no info about my Father. Well I Guess Bobby and I are more a like then we know. Many People May think they know who My Father is. Fact! I do Not Know and do not want know. San Francisco is my Father. and I love it so.
I was Born on 01/01/1970 In S.F. Ca. U.S.A. and I have play Music from the age of 5. My unlce is a Jazz player by the name Of Gary Digman he has showed me a lot. he is the closes thing to a Father I have had. My Mother Left me at 14 to help take care of my Sick ant. Bless her soul. I love the Bay Area and I to play Music. I meet Bobby Weir at age 15 at a king fish show with Steve Kimcok. in Sonoma County. Bobby gave a pass to the next night in S.F. I played Guitar back stage. with who knows who, But it was very fun. Bobby Come up to me and gave his home phone # (Wow) Bobby was very good to me. I think I may love him. to Make things even tirper. the next day I was at my girl friend Victoria Henning House in Cotati Ca. and sitting on the front deck. and I see this Guy sitting on black cadillac Playing the Guitar. well it was Steve kimock. He lived next door to us.
there is so much to say. but here is the last thing for now. Life is had but do not ever give up
Becuase the sun will shine,and those who do not believe in miracles give to soon.
Joshua C. Digman or some call me tree

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