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Trippy Pete
Dancing to the Dead :-) I'm so lucky. I got to tour with the band in the 80's. I love Dead music. And I loved tripping at dead shows. My first museum trip was at a Dead show, at MSG in the mid 80's. Anyone ever trip in NYC? Wow. What a experience. I love you all party on Dead Heads... Trippy Pete.


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I feel so blessed for being able to expierence the Dead throughout the 80s. I miss camping out for tickets, and the parking lot scene and of course the shows. I look forward to finding all of my friends at Furthur. Trippy Pete. Love you all.

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A beautiful woman. Who I danced with at my first show in Hampton in 84, We kissed during Good Lovin. I wish I had the chance to know who you were. But thats ok. My life has been really cool.


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