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I lived in Rockville, MD all through the fantastic 70's (yes I still have my hair but it has a 'touch of gray' now. Anyway, the Capital Center was almost my second home next to Merriweather Post Pavilion. My first job at 13 was at Arby's and that funded all the sweet memories I now cherish. The last show I saw was at the Spectrum on 5/2/2009 with both my sons, many concerts but their first "show", that also was the last show they (The Dead) played there, kinda cool when they opened with 'One More Saturday Night' then closed with 'Samson and Delia' because it was a Saturday of course but then they 'tore that old building down'.
If you go to and click on either The Dead or may 2009 you can see some great pictures of the show. A poem I wrote and was bartering was captured on film and immortalized on the internet, the photographer was Mark Lewno and it was nice meeting him, if you ever read this, Hi Mark, hope you enjoyed the sandwich :) The poem is posted below and is titled 'Ode To Jerry Garcia' You have my permission to copy and re-post this anywhere you like or feel free to print it but please, if posting or printing give me credit and list my name at the end or on the bottom...thank you and I hope you enjoy it. Danny

Ode to Jerry Garcia

As bones shake and turtles dance, the rainbow colors glow,
From San Francisco to New York, we wouldn’t miss a show.
Alive but Dead, tie dyed grilled cheese, pickles on a stick,
The vans were full; this was our life, from city boy to hick.

We rode the train with Casey Jones; we’d stop at Terrapin,
You’d steal my face; stand on the moon, throw stones then just grin.
What you did could not be done, we would live your love and song,
Some were at the mars hotel, while the working mans days were long.
I’d crawl some days from this broken down palace, but would not fade away,
Bob and Jimi, Janice, Buddy, The Band, They gave you a lot to say.

Though your body’s not here, the sun still shines rainbows in the sky,
Going round and round, feeling bad down the road, why Jerry did you die?
Uncle Johns not the same, and peter turned black, now Jed’s in Tennessee,
Stella is blue and the train wont stop, eyes of tears ripple, we long for what used to be.

We miss you Jerry, love that touch of gray, but now we’re walkin’ blues,
Beads still get strung, the peace sign flies, this is the life we choose.
Mushrooms and roses, space, skeletons and bone,
Jerry, if I knew the way, I would take you home.

© Daniel Kraus JR

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Peace and love at a show that never ends.


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