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Tom DiBell
Dead Music / Playing Guitar / Repairing My VW Bus / Repairing My Guitars / Playing Dead Music / More Dead Music....


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I love to play music on guitars electric and guitars acoustic. Guitars of six strings and guitars of twelve strings. Mandolins are nice and so are dobros. I don't know fiddles or pianos or harps but wish I did. I sing and I play, but cannot remember the words or the chords so I have to have the charts and the words in front of me. But I'm old and decrepit - what's your excuse?

Looking for

I'm in search for a Robert Hunter. Literally. I have these pieces of music in my head that come out of my fingers, but I cannot write words to them. I've tried, and I have tried, but I cannot put lyrics to the music. This is the most frustrating thing in my life right now.


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