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valentino garoni
Good Music !!! Of course !!! I'm 47 years old and since 1975 I started to collect LP's and then CD's ... I like Bob Dylan Jimi Hendrix John Coltrane Leonard Cohen Nick Cave Muddy Waters Jagger&Richards Phish Led Zeppelin Lou Reed Van Morrison The Band Lovell George The Byrds Elvis Presley Johhny Cash Willie Nelson Lynyrd Skynird The Who The Kinks The Clash Neil Young Tom Waits.... and many others ... I have seen lots of concerts BUT .... THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A GRATEFUL DEAD CONCERTS ... In spite of thousands of records of so many artist when I start to listen carefully to the Dead ... well .. I can't stand anything else ... Jerry lives forever ...


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I'm italian ... I'm a father , a husband , a golfer, a skier , of course a worker , but last and not least I'm a deadhead ... When I was 14 years old I saw a picture of a band on a musical magazine , the name of the band was the Grateful Dead : only for the name and the photo I had the intuition that they were MY BAND ... at that time was difficult to find in Italy imported records..... after some months I read a book on rock band and the Dead were considered to be one of the most influential and creative band of all the time ... finally I found my first Dead records , blues for allah ... and it was immediately LOVE !!!!

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Just to share with all of you two fantastic dancing nights with the Dead in East Rutherford !!!! and it will be heaven !!!


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