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Writing, Traveling, listening to the Dead, and Jerry, and all other affiliated bands. Music, Art, Literature. Loving life, spending time with 'all my brothers and sisters'. And well you know the same sort of activites that we all enjoy!!
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I am a writer that loves to work with my hands creating and building things, therefore I also used to work as a carpenter, and roofer, and as a painter (both creative and industrial/commercial)
I have a daughter (now 14) who is the absolute center of my world. It is up to us to bring these children up to be kind and righteous to love and spread joy to be strong determined and also fair honest and compassionate. They want to be all these things and if we show them that yes this is how we should all aspire to be, they will be. Perhaps they will be the generation that finally realizes that if the people lead the leaders will follow.
I have found through the course of my life that I am most at peace when I am on the road. . . . doesn't matter so much where I am going, as long as I am going; although shows were always my favorite place to end up at. The fact being that if I could remain in prepetual motion I think I would finally be content. There have been places along this life long road I would love to return to but nothing or nowhere that I have been I can consider on any kind of permenant final pit stop or place that I would plan to make my home . Perhaps its because I somehow associate that with terminal ramifications; Therefore, I must remain in motion:) :) :) For this reason I was given the name Wandering Soul.
Standing on the Moon, Terrapin, Fire, so many roads, Peggy-o, Stella, Bertha, Ramble On Rose, We Can Run, I Will Take You Home, MITR, Dark Star and of course those times when coming out of a really deep , sinking, long, heavy, sick , drumz space the boys lifted you back up real smooth removing the weight and filling the darkness with light and the sickness exorcised with the building joy and gleeful celebration of the Wheel. these are among my top Favorite songs.
Brent was my favorite at keys not taking anything away from Pig Pen, Keith, Bruce, or Vince. Brents enrgy and powerful presence was a catalyst and Jerry fed off of that. After he died Jerry seemed to have lost something he never regained. Sure there were those moments, but Brents death kind of seemed to mark the begining of the end.... the wave had crested, and five years later when jerry died the wave crashed scattering us all...... Seems like we've found our way home, and my friends and family, brothers and sisters, both near and far; the music is calling to us, spring tour.... The rising of a new tide....... Surfs up! nothing left to do but smile smile SMILE!!!!
kind love and peace unto all.

Looking for

Like minded kind friends, long lost ones or brand new ones, a stroll down memory lane or perhaps a trek down an asphalt river to something new and old, good, genuine and somehow vaguely familiar. . . . "Come on along or go alone. . . . "

Also due to a worsening condition, my sight has been diming for awhile and has brought me to the point where I am nearly blind and travel is becoming a bit problematic for me on my own so I am looking for a seeing eye head lol (a pilot if you will) someone to travel with, tour with, and wander on along as I do. I do not intend to allow my sight or rather lack there of to stop me from my wandering ways or to keep me from doing most of the things that I love, my ears hear perfectly well and that means I can hear the music and dance dance dance........ so anyone who might want a rider for shows or whatever let me know please I am really laid back and I travel quite well and though (Unless you want it to get really crazy ) I cannot help with driving or navigation so much I can contribute financially and in every other way possible for sure. hell I'll even push the microbus to get it going haha lol, but seriously love to hear from anyone. about this . thanks everyone peace


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