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Wendy Peterson
Growing things, Flowers, music, dance, words of wisdom, crafts of all types, Inspiration, the creative muse.


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I'll add shows as I can, but as they say, if you can remember,you weren't really there!
I came to San Francisco in 1968 and joined a commune; and could be found at the Carousel Ballroom or the Family Dog every time there was music playing. I left and came back to the Bay Area several times, but have been to every possible Grateful Dead show wherever I was ever since. Long ago I made a spiral chart of the many places I've been and things I've done over the years, and as time allows I'll add more of the shows I've attended..
The photo of me is from the Ratdog tribute to Jack Kerouac in Lowell, Massachussets on July 12 2007.

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People from 16th & Sanchez; our commune in the Mission in San Francisco.


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