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Richard L. Kiley II
Music, Playing my drums, Gardening, Landscaping, Farming, Cooking, Hiking, Travel, Beer, Hanging with my wife and 3 kids (adult daughter and adolesent sons), Staying young despite the ravages of time.


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I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up in the Clifton neihborhood. It was the wonder years on mescaline! I've been playing the drums since 1967..took a long break thru the 80s-90s but I'm back playing regularly again. Saw my 1st show in 73 at the Cincinnati Gardens. I was grounded for the 71 Taft( My dad listened to about half of the WEBN simulcast with me and we knocked back a few Schoenlings) and 72 Music Hall shows (I was in trouble alot at that time) I met my wife, Jackie at the Saratoga show in 1988. I was drawn to the Dead after getting a copy of Workingmans and hearing Easy Wind. I'm a blues guy and I loved Pigpen. I remember right when we heard he died. We knew he was sick but it was a shock.Last show was 1993 Las Vegas run. Many good old friends and amazing memories.

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I need complete lossless format copies of 5-11-72 Rotterdam and 4-21-71 Providence, RI. Will gladly do B/P. My old tape collection is almost all analog.


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