Grateful Dead

The Omni - April 1, 1994

The Omni

April 01, 1994

Atlanta, GA US

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Set List:

Picasso Moon
Wang Dang Doodle
Dire Wolf
Black Throated Wind  
Bird Song
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Box of Rain
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
That Would Be Something
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Brokedown Palace

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Attendees of this show

philsfriend13, cellobus, Frankie In atlanta, alh909498, bcornsell74, starbreather, SPAC84, EyesWill, sweetanne-marie, KevinKroner, Terrapin1966, Bill388, guitargerber, deadedsc70, beerbryan68, Grateful_Dale, Rev. Outlaw G, Jules N Binokulas, dead_tothe_core, wharfrattx, tapertom1272, CarrionCrow, dead_dawg, lundyw1, Cinrockhntr, chipster1073, ohsograteful44, youngmc100, dedhed1963, sciyerface, SicMD, Pard, hippiechick308, chad.e.buck, WNCmtnman, capt_mellow, toriano, bwdead912, mbunn789, Laureen629, stellablue07778, Humboldt JennyB, carlyjean, bigriver909, pd, lmcoffee, dancingbear33, plove79, tomcruz, Topheratl, tashwolf,, adashiko, BigFlosser, scarletfireblackmountain, gsorin,, william_O, shep0420, oldtourrat, mmtapeop, smarcus, dredileogirl, jilleh, chrisjett76, Esparka, MorninSun, greeksam78, mandalafly, ocdeadbrian, agstwst49, Darlene, 1BigLove, Challowell, Eldehbran, upthecreekwheresmypaddle, bugnuts, Ossumpei, likedasoup, dolbeared, NC Head, photogeek423, detroit is dead, stroukoa, PDfromTN, jennyBgood, GogglesPizano, lotdawgtodd, tucson_john, Missing Jerry, LostDew, Grog, jjmack, Kykind, moodyja395, robemichel, hippintrippy, Malarkey, haight, katimaybe, cosmiclisa, onemeanchef0420, sddeadhead, django7, thebeadjunkie, evac171, Folkways, sommer breeze, MrTat2z, czarboy, lostdeadhead, jerseyjoe, Zman420, achughes33, FireWheel, Blysergic, EasyWind73, lucky mahone, ccomeens, kingphish, cosmic tuna, atlantajam, The one and only Bean, LowE, bgoldberg, alapuzzo, jerryme, gr8fulgolf, retiredwingnut, VikkiM, hippiechic, sgio3655, kjk611, Martin G. Knott Jr, skullpoet, halfsteppin, carolinablue, Grateful Joebean, dancingbears95, BornInADesert, Zath, Ruggy, Moobs, spector322, paul41, SCDeadhead, acacia, joekyle, Bleearg, drummer0612, paw_dawg, WALLMEISTER, sammy0, maitra, chenley, deadheadfrom76, Basilicone, joshuagrimsbo, UnbrokenShane, Pixelbow, encdead, Cold Jordan, karina, Darkstarnat, ellisdee420, chefdannnyc, 3birdsongs, Squirrel95, fleetwing, sunshine.kay, DeceivedOne, amdew122, Reya Sunshine, ls420, deserthippie, Nebulorb, lifesavermedic, krzykat, harryz, the bone, mightyquinn, crazyolben, L8dywithafan, catpants, 73joey, jaykuhles, MICKE527, rich65vwbus, Christie408, skunjelefeti, april rain, zappy,, smilo, TwistyMcFisty, cepx, deadtaper, cub, schwaz, Lodgecamp, mountainlynx, miroth, jimi864, slipper girl, Miss Missy,, funkygoodpants, St. Steven, TekeHead, Alabama Althea, jpwadd, tidianne, Hypnocracy, ohioted, Tenner, I.MGr8ful, Mr.Skjellyfetti, Monkey1991, reba, Wandering Soul, Brother cricket, songsfrown, paintedmandolin71, ghughes, mp51, jasonprice16, pyrorite, rastarick, dawnoftheravenmoon, Felix, GratefulSpleen, MDKrack, jdarr, Chris Caspersen, dmason, speedlimit, DanielStar, deadfish, helpontheway, JINGLE, AndieIsAlthea, jiadams76, adamparr, GDfan, jauerbach, Sluys Guys, notbetty, MDDeadhead, UncleBruce1971, tambourine man, malwes, AugustW., twisted noodle, soulsearchin72, rickbob, jstraw72, randall747, hammertime, andywine, TEADAWG, uncle johns stan, Geronimo1, melissa, DrBone, althea16, justice, tapertim, spiritwalker, mary-sunshine, Mr.Benson, dyrewlf, skarlitb, mtnref4, slidebrain, badtpyist, cwsiempre, Jerry Roskin,, gk, Bella, jennyb413, tpdaman, shkdwn, Deadbolt, tiedyebob, koolwhip, Tennessee Toolshed, greenagain, BHLawrence, janflora, Dalbert, Captain Grass, Phattskis, Terrapin66, Joshadelic, TEagleton, stealyurface, UndeJohn, Tbear, bboy1620, Sequoia420, Cassidy_Sam, dkstr89, stock, gulfsurf, Jfgr8ful, sugrmag66, childrenskids, ichibanjohn, marian, stellablu11, 10ECJED, SugarLee, Cryptic_Envelopment, Thedeadheadmommy, Les Gibson, Dalmata, gr8fulgary, Capt. Jimbo, thefence, 67goat, Gr8flKev, garseeya53, Bulldogs, kenw83, matilda, peachtruck, reliablerays, Lesh-Is-More, PlaynNDBnd, DBtv, LAfadeaway, Sunnydrop, Heffel77, dms, eatapeach, direwolf23, riggamortis, gdtrfb5, pub, scooterpoo, dharmadawg, Drumpsychosis, KimmieinMD., turnphilup, wranglerspace, mrdrew, LoneStarDead, Lake, Darkstargazin, rjtriana, eyes 88, fpellc, horus, Gr8ful Greg, ricflower, GrandMasterG, ws1995, LENDEAD, bigbri67, GADEADHEAD, Duggles, bradleyg, beauch, Sean, pantagruel, deadheadgarcia, unkljohn


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Joined: Apr 25 2009
Johnny D. Cobra april fools

Johnny D. Cobra april fools shows were almost as good as halloween! wang dang doodle was the highlight

Joined: Jun 5 2007
My last show :(

sorta fitting that brokedown was my last song. for the longest of time i had a "mama mama many worlds i've come since i first left home" bumper sticker on my car.

Fare you well, fare you well
I love you more than words can tell
Listen to the river sing sweet songs
To rock my soul

Joined: Nov 25 2008
My first show!!!!

This was my first show ever and loved it. I was only 15 years old, and went with one of my brothers. Couldn't have picked a better show to go to. April Fools Day Rocked!!!!! Does anyone have a copy of this show?

Joined: Jan 31 2009
Reach in the Fallin' Rain, Mama

Can't believe I got into this show, I ended up with a taper ticket and everyone was like "if you don't know where you are, you don't belong here." Namaste, bitches. Anyway, since it was April Fool's Day AND Good Friday, I thought they should do "Heaven Help the Fool," but they didn't. Obviously the wrong people were in charge. Nice acoustic "Bird Song," but it seemed like a weird note to end the first half on.


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The Omni - April 1, 1994