Grateful Dead

Hampton Coliseum - April 13, 1984

Hampton Coliseum

April 13, 1984

Hampton, VA US

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Set List:

Day Job
New Minglewood Blues
Dire Wolf
Beat it on Down the Line
West L.A. Fadeaway
It's All Over Now
Bird Song
Hell in a Bucket
Don't Ease Me In

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Estimated Prophet
The Wheel
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

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Symmetry's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007
EYES25 One of the most

EYES25 One of the most awesome audience driven Scarlet/Fires I have ever experienced. With Healy hooking Jerry's high string to an array over the sound board and during the segue while Jerry was doing his real high note doodling Dan would throw a few notes from the stage to the center of the venue. Also, after the show was over and the night was overcast the heat from the auditoreum blew a perfect cirle through the clouds and you could see stars.

Joined: Sep 24 2007
my first show

seem to remember dayjob being the encore... rainy trippy hampton, oh what a joy, to think we used to compain about it when dayjob was played, ah the memories

143or245's picture
Joined: Oct 18 2007
A Magical Ending

During the oncore we could see and hear the thunderstorms through the small windows in the top of the Hampton Coliseum. As the house lights came up and we all tripped out, you could see everyone looking up or laying down and looking up at the sky.....the eye of a very organized storm was directly over the colisieum and 20,000 heads all looked up and had a magical moment!

forcestream's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2008
Out of My Mind

The 1971 Ddge Colt we were driving from Chicago, crapped out near Richmond and we had to hitch the rest of the way to the venue, carrying all kinds of shit.

The day of the show, I ran into my friend JJ and asked if he had some party favors and he threw one in my mouth. A little while later I met up with William and we decided to run full speed from the car up the the Coliseum. We ran our asses off, dodging people and cars for quite a distance and when we got up next to the Coliseum, a wave of psychedelics hit me like a brick and I was gone for the whole show. This place looks like a giant spaceship to begin with. I remember just hanging close to William all night because i couldn't move or even hear the music. It all sounded like drips and blobs, if you can imagine that. I just sat in my seat in another world. I remember coming down at the end of the show and the rain and we had no place to sleep, but we found someone with some floor space. We sat out on the hotel balcony and just had the best time I can remember. Fun stuff.

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Dpwilljr's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2010

This probably was my favorite of the many Hampton shows I attended.
I recall very little of the first set which most likely was due to the excessive high I was experiencing. During the break, I had relaxed into a fully conscious, pure, beautiful state of mind just in time for the lights to go out !!
I was up in the balcony in the aisle facing center stage. As they began Scarlet Begonias, the music started playing me like a marionette. I honestly don't remember deliberate movement.
I was completely soaked in sweat from dancing. It was one of the most intense second sets I ever had the good fortune of participating in.
Later , after the show, I just kept shaking my head in disbelief. It seemed like a dream. In retrospect, it seemed to pass by so quickly. Like a burning comet.

Joined: Dec 21 2010

This show was beyond belief. Found a ticket gave it away. The area was lighting up. First general admission show I ever attended. Hot hot hot.......
Unfortunately so spaced out couldn't make the next night

Joined: Jun 11 2012
My first show! I remember the

My first show!

I remember the thunderstorm, and that I became convinced during drums/space that the big round thing hanging from the ceiling was descending into the crowd to dispense happiness amongst the Deadheads.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012

They boys had this place figured out thats for sure.The sound here was always good going back to 79.

I liked the earlier days before it got so crowded that tickets became hard to find. I too rememeber being slightly dissapointed in the Day Job opener. Boy what we wouldn't give to go back in time. This is one of 'those nights' lights go out and the joint is jumpin from get go.


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Hampton Coliseum - April 13, 1984