Grateful Dead

Rosemont Horizon - April 14, 1988

Rosemont Horizon

April 14, 1988

Rosemont, IL US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
West L. A.
Mama Tried> Big River
Bird Song

Box Of Rain
Iko Iko
Estimated> Eyes> Drumz> Wheel
> Gimme Some Lovin> Black Peter
> Throwing Stones> NFA

Black Muddy River

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Attendees of this show

66_Acres., dubai-escorts-bunnies, anthony_r, WhatsbecomeofRosemarysBaby, blockh99, jzillmer, scarletfire2297, KristynSt.Vincent, Swaying Trees, WhoWhatWendy, Gr8fulDon, motoman615, jayclark, zoyd1962, dagonz59, texasdeadhead71, scoobiedew, curieye, kjhdancer, KindJester, cwem, Frontrow Joe, scottjindra, grplasa, normk58, davegordon, hornsby, jeffr-DoseMePlease, cooper3737, zman1, EBDead66, philledawg, John Kovacs, pbyrne, cosmicsushi714, cbNEAL, gratefulgregv, Paul Dirks, vandi421, Charlie Mosbrook, andychatfield, smwagner21, DAKOTA4X4, MNGLWD, Phinnegan, juddh1, 1989_AlpineValley, rab66, blacksharpie, Rottenclam, fifty lakes, hippydiver, indianabob, rootbeer2000, stonewoman50, scarletdeal, jpreece83, cryptl1028, jpruitt53, ocean, Brendoe88, Dolabella, WalkemJohnny, bearsfan1985, valeriejoy, BataviaSparky, farmer john, 123IBT, nipsyhustle, boombloom, jerfest, The Wooz, dpw1982, thrinworks, Petal, pman12, jeromethompson, HowlinHippie, darkstarcrashes, Barrtenderr, a_Wolf_in_Paradise, zeekbythecreek12345, GDrew, Terpin61, grateful4ever, Rolokid, saintstephen19, AlaskaDeadHead1, midiman007, Desolation Bro, walstib70, detroit is dead, Truckee420, radio_mogul, micah68, Robo70, misterAYed, arterps, sugarmag68, chicagomarc, deaddan1969, alovours13, terrapintom, kaminskis comet, eyes-of-the-world, janrock, Grateful_HERSH, notbadatall, nothing_comes_for_free, jhop321, tigman, Stella Bleu, berger0621, John Galt, Beamers, Mguzziridr, bradjahn, eFreak, oldeadhead, jack-straw-SF, nvrsaynvr, lemond, 2 x 2,, alpine84, atleastimenjoingtheride, AlpineMike, lwebster, RTJ, scottrost, ladnarc, DoooDah, jordanj420, tjazzbo, Gtarjohn, gratefuljeff, dnathans, Tennessee Tip, ch1narider, northriver, Peppermint Patty, snobtaper, DoDa Man, wharfratdude, gratefultrip, mcdougbugs, TommyHolland, Rusty88, hgregs, harryz, azlumpy, grtfuldad, The_Music_Danced_Me, BarefeetBob, Birdsong1969NJ, gdtrfb65, sum, PalfHead, Wharf Rat 12-28-82, jamie60, JK Straw, hailboognish, kambyman, Kraut888, don of the dead, WaywardBill, GRonK, cosmicloyed, Denali, forcestream, oTHr1, huey, WI Deadhead, exchef1, Hey Tom Banjo, darkstar stu, luv Brent70, another jerry, ticket lee, BabylonDon, rlkaminsky, Mr.Skjellyfetti, PowderPig, Fungi Finder, romp711, 1965, GDTRFB2, non-marital property, JGonlygirlie, Drumhead, Musky_Ranger, capntrips, ramblonrose, Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle, toneye, brewster boy, Yippierb, flyingdonut, sleepgeek, IrishHubby, lisainpotown, mrellis, scottymak, mtutts, rabbit69, Rum Jungle, mollydevine69, illiniboy, jimiz61, deadheaddave1982, BlondeJim, davidg528, tapertim, Josef, mary-sunshine, joelovesthe dead, mtnref4, badtpyist, wandering_wizard, gratefldiver, drumzspace72, tiedyebob, coachdeadhead, bbgrunt, Jeffervonjefferson, SmokeyG, lilhippiesmurf, UnklRuss, MagicTerp, AikoBearzly, hezgone, Nealcassidy, drkstrcrashes, JOEG, Fillmore Midwest, seve allday, Cosmiccharlie, Cookbitch, scullroses, hatayama, naataanii, ssc5160, Lorenr, Antwerps Placebo, culliganman007, peterpollay, dazebtween, DocLnghair,, PsillyJim, shack, mightzwell, Trueski, triplane23, Clincher, steelhead, thecaptaintrips, Alpine7784, augustwest, Sunshine-Daydream


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Joined: Jun 25 2007
Good show

I just watched and enjoyed the show this night.......and the next night due to my screw up on the first night. I just love when they go Wheel---->Gimme. Just love it!

Joined: Dec 19 2007
This was my first show, my

This was my first show, my first dose, my first blah blah blah. It changed everything for me. I've listened to it several times since and the magic does not diminish.

Joined: May 18 2009
West LA Faded me Away

I dosed too heavy for this show. Had 3rd row on Jerry's side and during West LA lost it and spent the rest of first set contemplating my navel in the concourse. Made it back to the seat for Iko, my buddies never knew I was gone.

Joined: Jul 4 2011
Balloons & Airplanes-

Does anyone else remember the dudes selling balloons on the parking lot?
They had an entire tank in the trunk of an old Buick Lasabre.
We waited until planes took off from O'Hare & hit the balloons...WOW !
All 3 shows were super fun.
Phil singing more & Brent was en fuego!


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Rosemont Horizon - April 14, 1988