Grateful Dead

Winterland Arena - April 15, 1970

Winterland Arena

April 15, 1970

San Francisco, CA US

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I think this was billed as

I think this was billed as "The War Moratorium" concert. I believe it was Quicksilver, The Airplane and the Dead. Maybe it was Big Brother instead of Quicksilver but it was incredible. I was staying at a friends flat next to the Airplane house on Fulton and when I got up to ride my motorcycle back home to LA, Marty Balin was just coming in. We talked briefly and I hit the road.

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from an old journal...

Tuesday, April 14, 1970
"Moratorium tomorrow - Dead, Airplane & Quicksilver at Winterland. Have $2.50 saved. So far."

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Wednesday evening show,

Wednesday evening show, Quicksilver, Airplane, then the Dead.
WOW! This was one of two Moratorium shows that I attended that were held after marches to stop the Vietnam war. Opened my eyes to the vast possibilities of music taking you along for the ride. Drove up from Santa Cruz and back along Hwy 1 with the Dead playing on in my head. Priceless.

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pigpen smokes "man's world"

Entire first set is SMOKING.

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Cold Rain & Snow, China Cat

Cold Rain & Snow, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Mama Tried, It's A Man's World, Candyman, Hard To Handle, Cryptical Envelopment -> Drums -> Jam -> Drums -> The Other One -> Cryptical Envelopment -> Dire Wolf, Dancin' In The Streets, Turn On Your Lovelight -> Not Fade Away -> Turn On Your Lovelight

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I had heard that Airplane played also this night

I like to know what happened on any givin night the dead played and had heard rumors the Airplane also played this night along with maybe another band so I am posting this from suragmegs.
Jefferson Airplane
Winterland-San Francisco, CA

Disc 1: We Can Be Together, Mexico, Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon, Other Side of This Life, Audience, Greasy Heart, Crown of Creation, Come Back Baby

Disc 2: Emergency, Have You Seen the Saucers, Somebody to Love, Wooden Ships, Audience, 3/5 of a Mile in One Second, Volunteers

Quicksilver Messenger Service
Winterland, San Francisco, CA

source: d1 - unknown sbd
d2 - unknown aud
1 Subway
2 Too Far
3 Warm Red Wine
4 The Truth
5 Mona
6 Long Haired Lady
7 Mojo
8 Pride Of Man
9 Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder

1 Who Do You Love > jam > Who Do You Love

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4/15/70 Winterland: on the Bus

This was my second Dead show; although I had seen the band the previous October, I wasn't psychedelic or with other Deadheads (that word didn't exist then, but it's the only word that will do the job now). This was the show where I got on the bus, as recorded in my friend Doug's Dead journal. It was the eve of my 19th birthday, but (unusually) the Dead came on after the Airplane, so I had turned 19 by the time the spell was cast. Quicksilver opened the show, and I was lucky enough to recently acquire the Quicksilver set and the Airplane's set — I've had most of the Dead's set for many years. To have a nearly complete soundboard of the entire concert of my first Dead show; is that a taper's dream, or what?

So how was the show? I remember standing across street from Winterland, when I was able to have some coherent thoughts, and thinking a lot of the improvisational music the Dead played that night was exactly like music that had been inside me since before I learned to play the guitar. A formless, nameless noise of beauty like nothing I'd ever heard, yet recognized as soon as I heard it. They were playing that same music from inside my head that I couldn't yet play myself, and had never heard anywhere in the world before that night. Two things were clear — these men were magicians, and I'd be back for more.

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30 Trips exploration

I enjoyed this trip, The Other One was a definite highlight for me. Never heard Pig do "It's a Man World, nice treat.

Wow definitely moved by the jams from this show.

The jam around the five minute mark of Dancin' reminded me of an early Chicago hit. After a little trip to the Grateful Dead Guide, learned it's called the Tighten Up jam.

That Santanaesque jam in the middle of TOO was outstanding. Grateful Dead Guide says, and I quote,"It's one of the Dead's most unique jams, coming out of nowhere and never played again." The article also pointed to another article about special guest performers (Guitar, Organ, Congas) for that jam. Check out (

Anyone can fill in the details? Having done this short search, wondered why this was not mentioned in the liner notes???


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Winterland Arena - April 15, 1970