Grateful Dead

Aarhus University - April 16, 1972

Aarhus University

April 16, 1972

Aarhus, DK

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Venue was Stakladen.

Set List:

Greatest Story Ever Told
Chinatown Shuffle
Black Throated Wind
Tennessee Jed
Mr. Charlie
Beat it on Down the Line
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Mexicali Blues
Next Time You See Me
Playing in the Band
Dire Wolf

Good Lovin'
Cumberland Blues
El Paso
Uncle John's Band
The Other One
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
Not Fade Away

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Venue for the show April 16, 1972

I attended this show, and it definitely was not in Vejlby-Risskov-Hallen. It took place in "Stakladen", a student canteen at Aarhus University, that was much smaller and more intimate than Vejlby-Risskov-Hallen. I clearly remember that evening. The playing was fantastic, and the sound was better than anything I had heard at the time. Especially Phils bass sound was so clear and massive, that you had a feeling of sitting on it, and was miles better than the deep undistinct rumbling most bass players produced.

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my [what may be unpopular] thoughts after listening to the box

Set 1
-Greatest Story: Keith races out front in the 1st solo, Jerry stretching out some cool notes during the verses, Jerry leads a hot (though it never peaks) 2 min 2d solo, VG version
-Sugaree: Jerry very hesitant during all 3 very short solo breaks, Pig on the organ apparent during the chorus
-Chinatown Shuffle: good solo w/ Jerry taking the 1st run and Keith the 2d, Jerry sounds great afterwards
-BT Wind: love Keith and Phil early on, Keith really stands out here, Jerry seems off, maybe out of tune (??), but he really picks it up at the end during the “drowning in you” outro
-Tenn Jed: Jerry sounds much better, short 1st solo, Pig inserts some nice organ, very good 2 min 2d solo
-Mr. Charlie: excellent 2 run bluesy solo
-BIODTL: hot, blistering 45 sec solo, indeed a “happy home”, excellent version
-China Cat: Jerry forgets the “midnight sun,” you can feel the power to this one early on, great solo from 1:50-2:50, Bobby stands out early on in the jam, Jerry starts to pick it up at 4:30 as he & Bobby go head-to-head, Phil chimes in, signaling the transition, Jerry goes off, excellent version
-Rider: calm before the storm in the early verses, very good but restrained solo, “traa-aiiin,” jam from 3:50-4:25, powerful but without a real peak, very good version
-Mexicali: short but sweet solos, would have loved to see them extended a bit more, powerful version
-Loser: Bobby’s rhythm again stands out, “last fair deal in the country, sweet Susie,” very good solo from 3:50-4:30 but would have loved to hear another run
-Next Time You See Me: band is clearly having a good time backing up Pig, harmonica solo 1:20-2:05 then Jerry solo 2:05-2:50, the latter excellent
-Playing: Jam begins at 2:45 mark, by 5:40 the band is playing at a manic pace, Jerry is taking no prisoners, return to the main theme around the 8:45 mark (not that they ever totally disregarded it), wonderful jam, Donna noticeably absent, another excellent Playing
-Dire Wolf: something anodyne, if you ignore the lyrics, after the chaos, very nice 30 sec 1st solo, Jerry takes another 15 sec solo that sounds like he wants to blow the roof off then remembers he’s trying to calm everyone down before the set break

Highlights: Mr. Charlie, BIODTL, CC > Rider, Mexicali, Next Time, Playing

Set 2
-Good Lovin’: Pig improvises before the jam, Jerry playing some funky guitar behind him, jam starts at 13:10, down & dirty, Pig vocals again at 15:35, back to GL proper at 16:55 led by a high-energy jam, 19:30 total
-Cumberland Blues: great, frantic 1st solo, nothing happens in the 2d instrumental break
-El Paso: good version
-Deal: excellent 1 min solo
-Truckin’: Pig supplies some nice color on the organ, jam starts at 5:25 mark, around the 7:45 mark they hint at the Other One and really take off in the jam, things then slow down but heat up again, eventually returning to the vocals, this goes into another jam, hinting again at the Other One (reviewed below), very good Truckin’
-Jam: many hints of the Other One early on, in fact, if this jam occurred after the vocals to the Other One had been played, or even after Phil played the bass intro, there would no problem saying this was part of the song proper or calling this “The Other One Jam,” all sorts of little runs and flourishes early, something starts to build up around the 6:00 mark and at 6:45 Jerry launches into it, another Other One like riff, then stops at 7:30; the band know where they are and they know where they are going, they are trying to figure out an interesting way to go from here to there; delicate duet btwn Jerry and Phil, things get louder and less delicate around the 11:45 mark as both Jerry & Phil find some interesting notes (note that they keep searching and don’t go with the riffs they play around the 11:45, which would have made a really nice jam), Keith joins in, the Other One starts to emerge. Overall, I’d call this “The Other One Lite Jam,” it isn’t bad, it is actually at least good, but it is a bit disappointing and I just got the feeling that if I were not a deadhead, I’d be asking, “what the hell is this nonsense?!?!”
-The Other One: delicate introduction by the band, no Phil bomb to start it off, I like it though, the song disintegrates without any verses, just another tease really, straight into MM Uncle
-MM Uncle: good version, immediately back into Other
-Other: hey, there’s an actual verse, like a confirmation that they’ve playing this song all along, very short, cut your losses, into NFA
-NFA: during the jam, Jerry is playing some nice notes, but it doesn’t have the tone or the energy, this song is supposed to be a powerful celebration but there is no power here; song peters out into the following
-GDTRFB: listen to the first verse, there is NO energy; Jerry shows life in the 1st and 2d solos, but the band doesn’t follow, even the Goodnight jam sounds lethargic, though the end is pretty, back to NFA
-NFA: ok
No encore, which I think signifies something

Highlights: Good Lovin’, Deal

Overall: Part of what made the Dead great was their willingness to experiment and not settle for the obvious. On many nights, it paid off in spades when they discovered something new and exhilarating. On some nights, like tonight, it backfired, and they went nowhere. We have a really nice 1st set and early 2d set (well on its way to an 8.5 maybe even 9/10) and then what should be the highlight of the show, the Other One jam portion, to me just disappoints (if this was 1988, this might be considered great, but in 1972, no way). I’m ok with that. They can’t all be great. It also brings to mind the hippy philosophy that it isn’t the end that’s important, it is the journey or search. Here, that journey/search is nothing to write home about. Still, overall, this is a Good show, 7/10.


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Aarhus University - April 16, 1972