Grateful Dead

Dillon Gym - April 17, 1971

Dillon Gym

April 17, 1971

Princeton, NJ US

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"NFA" tease before "Lovelight" - also: NRPS

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"That Man Down The Street Said I Can Come Home With You"

The Notorius P.I.G baby. The big Pigpen meltdown. I don't care what Dick said if there's better quality recordings in the vault than whats out there already it should get put out.

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'I'm In The Fuckin' Band...!!!"

A frosh security guard would not let Ron McKernan (a.k.a. PigPen) in, backstage, after he had arrived late. To my recollection, Pig did not have 'proper credentials'; & the security kid had no idea who he was (let alone the Dead).

After a heated exchange...Pigpen declared (to the shocked, red-faced freshman) in a real big & burly way..."look, goddammit...I'm in the fuckin' band...!!!". Needless to say, at that point he & his girlfriend were ushered in immediately.

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This was the show that I had a great sounding cassette of

InOctober 1983 after the MSG and Hartford Saint Stephen's shows We're truckin' thru the Adirondack Mts in the dark of night, planning to arrive at the Lake Placid Holiday Inn where I intended to redefine the terms of "Early-Confirmed-Check-In" with the local innkeeper.

I had a briefcase of my bootlegs that were copied for me from my new tour buddies Scott and Tully. This Dillon Gym (10th generation at least) was of especially good quality and hearing it played today has just answered a question that has dogged me for years.

After the tremendously great time at the Lake Acid show, we had retreated back to the Holiday Inn for a cook-out with meat. mmmmm
So we had the hibachi fired up outside our ground floor room, smoking up the hill that the hotel was on pretty good.

I had my Hitachi boom-box playing this tape outside while we cooked and smoked. After a while I realized that my Dillon Gym 71 was providing the music for all balcony smokers and glow-in-the-dark frisbee players .

Any,who this head who was hanging out above us pondered out-loud, "Do you ever think they will play Hard to Handle or Big Boss Man again"?

I could remember the question, the face, the place but not the music that was being listed to at the time. This show was it.

And they did Break-out both songs over the next 2 years
Here's the set list from GD radio playback on May 11, 2012

Grateful Dead @ Princeton’s Dillon Gym
April 17, 1971

Set 1 -
Big Railroad Blues
Big Boss Man
Bird Song
Playing In The Band
Hard To Handle
Mama Tried
Casey Jones
Sugar Magnolia

Set 2
Good Lovin' >
Drums >
Good Lovin'
Me And Bobby McGee
Beat It On Down The Line
I'm A King Bee,
Sing Me Back Home
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad >

Cheers !

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Best Pigpen rap ever

I was far to young to be at this show although I was only 30 minutes away. Pigpen's rap during Good Lovin' is probably his best ever. "Sold, the Brooklyn Bridge"


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Dillon Gym - April 17, 1971