Grateful Dead

Hartford Civic Center - April 17, 1982

Hartford Civic Center

April 17, 1982

Hartford, CT US

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*without Jerry

Set List:

New Minglewood Blues
El Paso
Little Red Rooster
Tennessee Jed
It's All Over Now
Bird Song
Man Smart/Woman Smarter

Shakedown Street
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
Spanish Jam
Uncle John's Band
Not Fade Away
Wharf Rat
Around and Around
One More Saturday Night

Baby Blue

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
My 1st Show!

The start of my long strange trip!!

2nd Set was AWESOME ! Spanish Jam!!!!

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Hartford rocked!

In '82, everyone remembers the Earthquake Space on the 18th but this show was strong too. Just like in '83 when everyone overlooked the spectacular 10/14 show because of "St. Stephen" the following night, this show stands in the shadow of its' successor.

Check out the nutty "Shakedown" and the rest of the 2nd set.

Benny Jakes's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
1st show..:)

Probably the only time I ever got seats in the first 10 rows. I remember hooking in with the crowd for T-jed. The space spanish jam was also new to me at the time. I was fairly overwhelmed.

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Great Shakedown

Shakedown was enough for the entire second set. I remember dancining and watching the jamming and then, just when you think its about to wind down, Brent takes off for a couple more minutes on piano. Well worth seeking out on tape.


amdew122's picture
Joined: Sep 25 2008
They rebuilt the roof

Yes this was the first show the Dead played after they put the new roof on. The first set is exceptional and offers many gems, El Paso and Jack -a -Roe which they just brought back electric. The first half of the second set is hot but short but they make up for it after drumz big time. Baby Blue is awesome!

Blue Yodel France's picture
Joined: May 12 2008
yes, this was also sweet &

yes, this was also sweet & tight. A wonderful saturday night up from New Haven in Mom's 404 Peugeot with some of the gang ...

sigephead's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2008
What a show .. what a night

Drove in from Troy NY for this show ... another great night with Jerry and the boys.

Joined: Mar 27 2009
Left the show in another

Left the show in another realm and found my '74 Dodge Dart w/o any brakes. Made it back to Providence on a whole lotta luck. I can hardly remember and will never forget. The show electrified me.

Joined: Apr 5 2009
Spring '82 at it's finest

So, I was a freshman at the University of Bridgeport, and learned that the school activities committee (or some such moniker) had tickets available for UB students. Woo-Hoo! I immediately went and scored a ducat for each night in Hartford. So, I get a ride up with my dorm-neighbor (I can't remember your name! You lived down the hall from me in Schine Hall, on the top floor!). Turns out the event staff thought our tickets were counterfeit (maybe they were?). He had a load of trouble getting in, and in fact may not have, but I can't recall. I was turned away at the first gate I tried to enter, but just kept going to the next one and in I strolled, for a night that would re-define how I experienced this amazing band.

These would be my first shows outside of New York. And WOW! What a trip! I came away from this show vowing to see as many more as I possibly could from that point on (this was my 7th show), in as many locations as possible. The next night was just as good, and stranger too...


cub's picture
Joined: Mar 20 2008

How could I forget this show. My first time at the Hartford Civic. Thanks to GD I'm enjoying a playback of a great soundboard recording of this show in the 21st Century. It can help me fill in the blanks created by the cordial reception I was given by the Hartford Steroid Security and Police force which made me miss ElPaso to Women R .

Spring '82 was my first Grateful Dead Tour. During the shows opener "Minglewood" we had somehow easily slipped right down to a empty floor section of seats (next to the soundboard). The 4 of us immediately sat down and started sharing our different party supplies. When I was done blocking the view of my buddy Scott, chop,chop, chopping' some rails I stood-up and proceeded to dance at my aisle seat.

As the Sugaree was playing I had moved into the aisle a few times soaring with the guitar highs that Jerry was creating. This caused security / college football player to run up to me and in as few syllables as possible he told me to stay out of his aisle. A few mins later I strayed again into "His" aisle and I could see him pushing some heads out of his way, to get to me quickly.

This guard from way-up at the stage, 3 sections back from his patrol area and was yelling at me to clear the aisle. I mean was this his first show? The Dead were into song # 2 , I'm from Philly, on - tour.....Are you serious?

Apparently so. I was put into a head-lock and pulled up n out of my seat and over Scott (now in the aisle seat) and dragged to the backstage area. There I was handed off to about 8 Hartford motorcycle cops. They proceeded to stomp on my legs just before I was tossed head-first thru some metal doors and onto the concrete sidewalk in the bowls of the civic center loading-dock area.

As I woke-up I limped up to street level and tried to get back inside using my ticket for the 2nd show. I just ripped the ticket a little where the day was printed and kept my thumb over it. I immediately went to first aid to report the injury to my ankle and to get ice for it.

I then made it back into the concourse just as Women R Smarter was finishing and quickly found my gang dancin' there. They were all wanting to know what happened and found me another ticket for face value to replace the ticket I burned because of an over-zealous football team/security force.

Hartford started getting a bad reputation for being rude and violent to the dead-heads among others and I believe the band boycotted Hartford for a while later on because of concert experiences like mine.


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Hartford Civic Center - April 17, 1982