Grateful Dead

Meadowlands Arena - April 17, 1983

Meadowlands Arena

April 17, 1983

East Rutherford, NJ US

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only "Love The One You're With"

Set List:

Touch of Grey
Little Red Rooster
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Beat it on Down the Line
It Must Have Been the Roses
Big Railroad Blues
My Brother Esau
Let it Grow
Might As Well

Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Playin' in the Band
Love the One You're With
The Wheel
Playin' in the Band
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Brokedown Palace

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josh e bear's picture
Joined: Feb 29 2008
holy Sh*t !! this Playing is Amazing !!

wow ,, listening to this on CD right now

Playing is amazing,, very deep and spirtual, deep ~

one of the best i ever heard ...

wooo wooo weeeee wish i was at this show !

Josh E Bear !!

Brooklyn Peach's picture
Joined: Jun 20 2008
This was my 2nd Dead show

This was my 2nd Dead show and the power of it was such that I was swept up and out of NYC forever, to my everlasting joy and satisfaction. The Grateful Dead and Deadheads sure saved me from a life of dissatisfaction and gave me the opportunity to live where I knew I belonged, in the San Francisco Bay area. With much love, and gratitude, I remain ever thankful, and in bliss!

Joined: Apr 24 2009
An all around great show

I graduated from Duke University the year before and to the best of my recollection the last two shows I saw before this were April 2, 1982 at Duke and April 3, 1982 at the Scope in Norfolk.

My first show was April 29, 1977. My next door neighbor took me and I had a blast. Went back on the 3rd of May. By the time Englishtown came around I was a full fledged head. Going to college in North Carolina was not the easy placed to catch shows back then. In the Spring I could usually catch a couple heading north at the end of the Spring semester and catch some fall shows going south to start classes in the fall. A few summers shows and a few trips to Virginia or Maryland. In 80 I was fortunate enough to catch the two New Orleans show between the Warflield and Radio City. A couple of Radio City then the Fox in Atlanta in November of 1980.

By the time I graduated I had seen 27 shows. My high school friends going to school in the Northeast were way up there already.
I started working the day I got home and threw myself into the job. On April 17, 1982 I got a call from a friend that saw them the night before and he told me the show was great and Stephen Stills sat in.

That was enough to get me motivated. It was my younger brothers 17th birthday and we headed to the show without tickets. Think we got a pair for 40 or 50 and it was just an unbelievably rockin show from the start to the end.

From that show on I was reborn Deadhead. I'm sure it would have happened at some other point had I not gone to that show but I never went that long without seeing a show again. Even the year Jerry got sick. I caught RFK in July 86 and was at Hartford and The Meadowlands the following spring.

mganter's picture
Joined: Nov 10 2007
Amazing show

This show blew me away... We had unique seats kind of up and behind but we had a stack of speakers pointed right our way and overall a great view of the bend, though as I said unique... Loved this show start to finish, though the Help on the way slipknot franklins was amazing. Women are smarter smoked. The playing in the Band was awesome, space was amazing and The Wheel just so beautiful. Then coming out of space into Love the one your with the crowd just turned inside out. Never forget that night.


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Meadowlands Arena - April 17, 1983