Grateful Dead

Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre - April 17, 1987

Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre

April 17, 1987

Irvine, CA US

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Set List:

Cold Rain and Snow
Little Red Rooster
Friend of the Devil
It's All Over Now
When Push Comes to Shove
Desolation Row

Touch of Grey
Samson and Delilah
Ship of Fools
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
The Wheel
Stella Blue
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

Quinn the Eskimo

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, seastones79, Brentski, Amy from New York, gerryg2012, JennD, TimLat, chenry, dbdweller,, dahainer, louisefid, Forrest George, spaciestacie1970, Jenknox, julex, janthon, MLavallee, pmacsinthehouse, crunchyfrog, sskatz21, Jules N Binokulas, lafingh2o, MDB52, Ondabus, rlrs, crazy4golf2003, hockey_john, hoggan300, scrobison, raftgide, Grateful Mike, st. steve, andychatfield, chrisr777, tlight12, heypebbles, DANNG, Farrel, Phinnegan, Badassbatik, gowelamb, Sugarmagkauai, Paul Hostage, nealbwhite, puroshaggy, stuart walker, RayDad, shannonsapitbull, ChinaRider77, southbayrik, alldayboulanger, bubu13, kfoxrocks, RobBob, grateful hawaiian, bolted, nipsyhustle, smarcus, tegbertOCDEADHEAD, goretoast, mematrix, dunbinded, HenryCline, darkstarcrashes, peterBud, HowldaMoon, Bigcatz1, DK-Deadhead, louatchick, DaveZ, backintheday, Kblair, andyd8519, Boris90, AlaskaDeadHead1, slowmo1968, bobert951, Gr8ful Dean, bprana, Tennessee Russ, gnat67, alovours13, 10.000Mic_Johnson, 4everagratefuldeadhead, cancergirltoterrapin, primeau, shockman, Jerrys Kids, Sir Smile, x76, Stella Bleu, docmark, ChantalAndGeorge, hbajams, kirasma, tcrider, ratterd, ShivaHo, sdiggs40, Nor-Cal Scott, Cassidys Dad, GratefulLeo, ttdeadhd, superwelz, neilwine, Migo, bcboot, LadyoftheIsland, dknaturally, Auxerre, smithmm, Ramble On Randy, FlyinEye, 4 Rivers, Susie Q, Mick Flaire, stonerucsb, mary meet, 4fryng, trout, hoffmnj, guitarmanbilly, trippy, Christo, dedahed, MissReddin, dbest, The_Music_Danced_Me, Birdsong1969NJ, wilsdad, YFZ450, wsp420, jlg3rd, chrisdbelkins, cosmic_skye, DrB127, BornXeyed64, tattoohippy, rami, IB Virg, red feather, Tommo, bodie390, turnpro, kgetta, WaywardBill, BoSoxMatt, Upstate NY, teachpeace, nextshow, John M Rossman, jacksondownunda, BabylonDon, nonjim, jharris, mastinch13, Sleepy Monkey, Johnny_A, woodyt1, ginsu710, BigDog, dreiner2, braygun, saint michael, macdoogle, GratefulGary420, rastarick, stormin norman, romp711, pchasmar, Mike N Stien, phlpsvll, rebel61aka goin2hlnabuckt, goldgreek, JimmyRain, picnic, Darkstar65, highvibe, Skjellyfetti, birdleson, Tuna, HartwickWildMan, b1ackpeter, ccckc, wkollar16383, bshaky256, rreid, Valerie Stevenson, treesdream, BlondeJim, suebue, crazyfingers73, Josef, windidawn, mary-sunshine, chinacat449, grahamalx, dead2ns, mcow1, Yoach, King Bee, Jimmy row, jblotter, further, Walstib, OscrDGrch, JohnDillinger, ALA, softmonkey, wharfrat8199, Barbara, KoHoSo, richthephotog, taz buddddy, probable cosby, Gregster, spudvw67bus, granfallooon, stlyrface, That Treb Guy, blewin, gr8full john, Bubbiesdad, mksmile, OrygunFreebird, kentmitchell1961, sfwhip, billman, hrdrockbob, jimmyrowed, stevgex, garrynet, kutsavi, Tim_SoCal, Staggerlee, Barch, Somnambulist57, gratefulygroovin, amccuskey, peterpollay, Columbia, paisley, Stephen J, Thorock, blewis2460, kezardead, NYsteve, 333mike, bozospace, Far-L, Dragon with matches, dennisdster, Hlpslpfrnk, grendel, Skywithflame, crazyfingers, cpousen, Zippatron, DansinMatt, Steve in Singapore, AlanHess, bradleyg, the chef, Johnnycable, highgreenchile, REK, heyhay3


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Joined: Apr 4 2008
Can I kick in for some of that Keg?

Met this really trippy dude that Fri. aftewrnoon who rode his bike
all the way from long beach, We had a keg so I told him to help
himself he had some interesting philosphies on life, he wanted to
know if if I wanted to smoke a sherm with him I declined but I have
never seen somebody so mellow who just blazed a dipped
angel dusted joint like this cat, went into the show with him and
enjoyed a really fun evening wioth the DEAD. good times....

Joined: Jan 11 2009
Keg, who can forget the....

Helicopters sent in from the El Toro Marine base after a ton of people started climbing the fence to get in.

Joined: Mar 20 2013

This was my first show as a Wharf Rat. Still doing it to this day.

yetay's picture
Joined: May 7 2009
Hey now

Got your email, more freaky you joined on my birthday.
Are you from Brooklyn, if so what part? Glad to here you are still a Wharf Rat.


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Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre - April 17, 1987