Grateful Dead

The Pyramid - April 2, 1995

The Pyramid

April 02, 1995

Memphis, TN US

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final/last "Memphis Blues": 07-20-94 [60]

Set List:

Same Thing
Memphis Blues>
Tennessee Jed

H. C. Sunshine
Crazy Fingers>
Last Time>
Wharf Rat>

Unbroken Chain

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Attendees of this show

Herb-T, becky2877, Txian, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Mozes1, DeadBear13, loveandpeace, GratefulDad70, bcornsell74, starbreather, CampgroundBob, texasdeadhead71, rbleiler94, JTurtle, dreadedyuppie, Bertha Bielarczyk, Mbonne, eagbaldwin, brokedowndude, exFarmie77, CRK, Drmzspc, beerbryan68, Grateful_Dale, Rev. Outlaw G, Stella Blue Dad, customhds, curlybob420, BoxOfRainMan, CarrionCrow, leper van atom, Bo Deen, Gmhotrod87, Norwood, Marcos, detroitligtn, ohsograteful44, youngmc100, candyman53, John Kovacs, dankdan, GroundFunk, Dogmatician, SicMD, MightandGlory13, bobbyteague, DoctorJ25, vandi421, bwdead912, mbunn789, wanderland, Andy D in KC, busyb67, benson76, pd, deepsouthgent, LeeWayneT, gratefullydan, wlowhorn, playdead7, RichKanis, ogotis73, scarletfire5877, BigFlosser, topherblunt, JohnRapp, SuNeeDaYdReAm44215, chicubs53, butterflygrrrl, 1970jwp, BataviaSparky, violaceous_petals, oldtourrat, 3D, mmtapeop, smarcus, Torey, Experiencereunited, rct, jilleh, creekhead, jenny1981, greeksam78, dpw1982, saigonmarc, serkdude, digiboog, mandalafly, maddee75, Darlene, 1BigLove, DzhaA, first train to tulsa, scotts, Eldehbran, ccwanger, dolbeared, August_r, photogeek423, Desolation Bro, toddlesh, PDfromTN, GogglesPizano, TomBanjo1969, oxfordmsdeadhead, shabu, walkingupstream, Sampson1966, Gr8ful Dbone, TreeTop, jstrawks, Kykind, robemichel, drummer Jim, hippintrippy, haight, cosmiclisa, banyanrose, btwind13, memphisus, Snapperhead, Frogwings, Saintofcircumstance1, Folkways, sommer breeze, lost, a west, MrTat2z, general grant, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead, FireWheel, Blysergic, EasyWind73, dport, Boulder Creek Mama, doughknees, skess64, cosmic tuna, The one and only Bean, ratterd, bgoldberg, alapuzzo, Bertha4201, retiredwingnut, hippiechic, sdiggs40, Martin G. Knott Jr, dayzbetween, anthemsun_row, dancingbears95, k-wak, BornInADesert, gganselmo, gdjim, Key Wester, rednfillmore, 2 x 2, chewbaby, deadreckoningCHI92, joekyle, grassman, peacelizard, maitra, scottrost, HarmonyKoruption, tjazzbo, randyoftheredwoods, MplsDeadhead, gr8fulcraig, DreadyOcean, Cold Jordan, karina, Darkstarnat, gratefuljeff, chefdannnyc, Squirrel95, sunshine.kay, DeceivedOne, billytell, northriver, voodoonola, CadyMae, indyhead, deserthippie, mightyquinn, theoriginaltravelingdeadhead, gdtrfb65, mbwade20, LooseLucyMingus, 73joey, dugefresh, TN Brad, byrdgirl_01, Do lord deliver our kind, hawksbillwill, roscoemaplesbaby73, oscarphree, anrumler, cepx, deadtaper, kadbones, killerpug, highlander63, protondecay123, hippiedino, drb_reid, RevoluTuck, sunshinedaydream9, BoogieGirl, kydedhed, dance, sugareeluv, ticket lee, Hypnocracy, davidb, bobmerrell, Tenner, SquiRL, joecephus, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, jakestraw, tcc, Wandering Soul, lisalit, paintedmandolin71, Straws, mp51, pyrorite, Rowjimmy151, shappychef, jstange, dedhedesq, Northbound Headlight, DeadheadAdam, fawko, Chris Caspersen, Wayniac, seda, helpontheway, hugz420, JINGLE, Jerryskid89, jiadams76, adamparr, GDfan, sunny dreamer, hanuman, dhmikeo, moefan2000, Ursa Minor, tambourine man, malwes, B_Lover, Pufftuffphin, prasadablue, thundermike, MoonshineCito, djhatcher, twisted noodle, bobosa, legaleyes, Ross, deadheaddave1982, hammertime, TEADAWG, Geronimo1, sotm, tapertim, roberson, Michael, Mr Wood, mary-sunshine, Mr.Benson, dyrewlf, skarlitb, snugent682, Usblooze, cincydeadfan2470, rakuwoman, Jerry Roskin, dumbek,, mackie67, VegasJerry, chefdave, ontour4ever, jennyb413, shkdwn, Deadbolt, Uncle-John, Mr Charly, tiedyebob, koolwhip, purplesunflower11, funboy, greenagain, Jeffervonjefferson, PearlyB, SmokeyG, Captain Grass, lilhippiesmurf, brutter, Phattskis, dcrockz, Lone Star Deadhead, Joshadelic, SugarMags420, dezmeister, Rich Nay, Charbroiled, blackpeter76, LocoBrian, Kidcrater, hezgone, joeweisiger, BoxomoxoA, dawg440, deadheadsammie, Jfgr8ful, lucia dillon, andrea1976, lzylightning, Fillmore Midwest, Jackstraw23, rckhld, Stagger Dizzy, scullroses, 10acjed, capostring, 67goat, garseeya53, Bulldogs, matilda, SoPo Jody, misujry, truckinup2buffalo, kydead, jeffry, bdfstl2, kelster, PlaynNDBnd, themarshotel7, jillstraw, The Zen Lunatics, Will Speed, Heffel77, cosmic1, dms, safarian34, almazzanti, dazebtween, dennisw, KimmieinMD.,, turnphilup, tcerneskie, darkstar, spoondivy, LoneStarDead, davidsmeff, jimmie333, weswilds, Lee Drezz, mightzwell, ReubenandCerise, TNut, ronbow, paullebo, Gr8ful Greg, thomprf, OceanRiverCO, wlknblu, OnTheRoadAgain, skioa, bandog23, GADEADHEAD, Doug, Larntz, bradleyg, jediweir, billbartleson, Salmon Will, johnnyg, deadheadgarcia, Sunshine-Daydream, morst


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Joined: Nov 17 2010
memphis blues

On this second night of the Pyramid shows I have to say I wish I would have taken my brother again instead of my girlfriend. Even though it was a great couple of sets, my girl was not into it at all, which made the night kind of a bummer. After the show I took her home and we broke up for good. Guess I should have consulted with an Estimated Prophet first! I would have taken Buck and had a blast.

Charbroiled's picture
Joined: Jun 19 2007
The Last Time - Bob was right about me

Attended the Memphis shows with friends; First show a Shakedown last show a Shakedown and last song Unbroken Chain.

Thank you GD, almost 20 years now since the last time and 31 years since the first time. The music, the friends and the good times will remain with me forever.

I recall your darkness when it crackled like a thunder cloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joined: May 26 2015
I really appreciate this

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Joined: Mar 9 2018
Tom Sawyer Campground manager

If anybody ever remembers at the Tom Sawyer campground on how great of a time everybody had I wish to say that I made it known to bring the deadheads to the campground as I was one of the managers...
I sure would like to be able to get the footage that the helicopters took for the news broadcast and I sure wish I knew what happened tall the pictures...
Thank you all you deadheads and fans for giving me an experience that will never be forgotten as long as I live..
Matter-of-fact one of the reporters gave me a full Beigi and a pipe that was homemade and had the face of Jerry that I still have today...
Matter fact I got pulled over once and they found the pipe and some pot and I begged the cops they can take the pot I will never quit smoking give me that pipe because there's way too much history with it and they gave it back and did not charge me for possession...
I got fired from that place as I left with the last of the heads all because I wanted to have the portable shitters cleaned out considering they were overflowing...


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The Pyramid - April 2, 1995