Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - April 22, 1977

The Spectrum

April 22, 1977

Philadelphia, PA US

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first "Mojo"

Set List:

Promised Land
Mississippi Half-Step
Looks Like Rain
El Paso
Tennessee Jed
Estimated Prophet
Playin' in the Band

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Samson and Delilah
It Must Have Been the Roses
Dancin' in the Streets
Dancin' in the Streets
The Wheel
Terrapin Station

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
My favorite show of alltime.

My favorite show of alltime. The company, easy to move around, great songs, lots of zoit dancers and spinners filled the halls, it was a deep groove all night long. For years I thought it was all in my memory that this show had it all, and then when someone miracled me the show it all came back. It stands as the show that puts the biggest grin on my face every time I hear it.

PaulBurke-JourneyHome's picture
Joined: Jul 24 2007
Late Spring Snow Storm

I seem to remember a late spring snow storm (one year) while I was still in high school - was this the show (anybody remember) We hadn't had snow all year and everyone was dressed for spring and the parking lots were snowed in when we came out after the show. It was bizarre and just heightened the sense of wonder and continued astonishment from another righteous show! "Deep groove" indeed!

May you stay forever young...

Joined: Feb 19 2009
My 1st Show

For this show, my girlfriend's older brother and his buddies were camping out on the street in front of the Philly ticket office for a couple days. They tagged us to fill in one of the night shifts in echange for two tickets. Amazing, a real signpost to new space. I didn't know people slept out on the street together, singin all night, having loads of fun. We ended up with two 6th row center seats.

My biggest memory is standing on my seat and playing air guitar, just loving this whole new adventure, getting a bit too excited and falling off my seat. Standing back up, Jerry is smiling and laughing at this new Head discovering the fun and silliness of it all.

mcleary's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
Terrapin crescendo and they sat there

i remember being on the floor about halfway to the stage right side facing the stage and the terrapin jam went louder and LOUDER and CRESCENDO after CRESCENDO and i looked to my right and there were the Philly fans just sitting there?

i got outta my seat went in the aisle between the chairs and the lower level and orchestrated the fans to stand up as this was terrapin at its greatest

maybe it was too new for the audience but i still can't believe they sat there during the Terrapin jam flourish finish


'77 was great when it happened we knew Cornell [w/Row Jimmy---> Dancin'] was special as was Rochester and Hartford and Bufffalo

i said in '77 that it was time for Donna to leave but my friends really gave me sh*t about it for criticizing the line-up.....til two years later......ergo without Donna, Cornell is arguably the greatest of the greats

ok Donna i know we smiled and waved at each other when i was front row at the Tower in 1976 but hey you just were offkey a bit okay? don't take it personally--i just preferred the way it was back in '73-'74 when you wailed out a playin' .....and took your seat again.......the current Dead NEED ANOTHER VOCALIST.......WARREN IS OFFKEY on vocals


if you aren't satisfied get Joan or somebody ! Bobby's vocals are spot on he needs assistance other than Phil and Warren.....

Joined: Apr 6 2010
Great Show

Came out of the show and there was snow everywhere. We thought it was the chemicals!. Some moron hit my car in the parking lot.

jerseyjed369's picture
Joined: Nov 18 2008
My First Time!!!! And It was Great.

For the longest time I thought the May '78 show at the Spectrum was my first. But I just recently found the old Ticket stubbs from my teenage concerts. And sure enough there it was Grateful Dead April 22nd 1977. Anyway nomatter the year. It still started out the same way. My sisters friend went to a show the summer B4 and was at my house after. And could'nt stop smilin' about how great it was. so My bestfriend and I got ourselves some money and pitched in on the "Steal Your Face" LP and fell in love with the sound. We wore that album out all year until they came around again. which like I said, I thought was '78 but I was a year off. And just like that instant Dead Heads
I remember coming out to the snow like "gdtrfb58" and the others said. We took the subway and speedline in from Jersey so we had to get back home the same way. The jams I remember most were of course Terrapin, and Must of been the Roses. But Jerry's Guitar on El paso and Tennessee Jed was just amazing. In '78 they also did Terrapin and El Paso so thats were the shows got muddled. Anyway I'm ramblin' here. God Bless Jerry Garcia & The Rest Of The Grateful Dead!!!!!

SkinnyBlondeDedhedBitch's picture
Joined: Apr 8 2008
Gratest show with my good friend and still truckin on!

In the 70's in South Jersey all we had to do was listen to music and go to concerts. That is what I did every weekend when I was 17. The most influential show I saw that year was this show, my first Dead show. Gigi and I(Al) are the only ones in our small town who wanted to go to see the Grateful Dead! Now all the people that were our friends back then, love the dead and regret not joining us. We didn't know what to expect. So, with a pint bottle of blackberry brandy hidden in my sock and some smokes in my pocket, we ventured into the Spectrum in Philly. The Spectrum was barely half full, which shocked us since the Dead were so. famous and their music so amazing. The people were so colorful and kind, it was the best I ever found at a concert. It was like Haight and Ashbury!
My best friend, G and I are still going to shows til this day. I lost count, but we love to tell everyone that our first show was in 1977 even though we wish it was a decade earlier! Thank you Jerry, Phil, Bobby, the band and G for a great time and a memory I will always treasure.
Still dancin in the streets!

Mike Jarboe's picture
Joined: Sep 3 2013

I was living in south Jersey and I am pretty sure this was the snow show...but my memory of it was that i went with my wife and her sister, and that the sister wanted to drive. It was snowing on the way to the show and she had never driven in snow before (I did not know that). She hit the brakes hard and we skidded way, way off the road into a field.

I should not have been driving, but I commandeered the driver's seat anyway.


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The Spectrum - April 22, 1977