Grateful Dead

Spartan Stadium - April 22, 1979

Spartan Stadium

April 22, 1979

San Jose, CA US

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Brent Mydland's first concert - billing: GD; Charlie Daniels; Greg Kihn Band

Set List:

Jack Straw
Tennessee Jed
Mama Tried
B. E. Women
L. L. Rain, Stagger Lee, Passenger, Deal

Good Lovin
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
Other One
Wharf Rat

U. S. Blues


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Odd pairing of acts

Greg Kihn getting on stage to open up and his first words "Anyone out there on psychedelics?" set a tone for the day. Charlie Daniels followed with a new song called "Devil went down to Georgia" from an album released 4 days later made it interesting.

The Dead were good that day, Donna sang well, Jerry played tremendously and the monster sound system was worth the drive from Chico. I was a huge Lowell George fan so I liked the Shakedown era quite a bit.

The rain was fun, it was a day to remember.

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Donna sang so well that she

Donna sang so well that she wasn't even there! (Donna & Keith left the band a month before the Spartan Stadium gig)

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When I lived in San Jose

Second time seeing Charlie Daniels and Greg Kihn. It was getting cloudy and one of them told the crowd that the Dead had assured him that they had never been rained out. It started sprinkling during "Looks Like Rain".

I used to wear a Buck knife on my belt and it wasn't until I was in line that I realized that I still had it on. I quickly took it off and stuffed it down the front of my pants. When I got patted down, the guy felt it and said, "what's that?". I gave him a disgruntled look and he said, "forget it". I can't imagine what he was thinking.

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photo from archive
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dead at Spartan

Had a great time!Kihn was pre coke so good rock n roll and Charlie was before the devil/georgia broke nationally man he had a KILLER band and the Dead were just FUN!!!Who was the Beuatiful woman in big hat and thigh high 7 league boots dancin' towards the back of the crowd!Will NEVER forget her.Took a friend it was his first,instant convert!

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College road trip

Me and about 10 friends drove up for the concert from UCSD! We took several cars, but me and two others were at a party in La Jolla and left at about midnight. Drove all night to get to San Jose. It was the first concert without Keith and Donna. It was a fantastic show, definitely in my top ten out of about 90-100. Killer scarlet/fire, wharf rat, jack many. Jerry on fire during Passenger. Anyway, classic road trip with friends from all across the U.S. That I happened to meet in college....most just because I would hear them playing the dead in their dorm room and I would burst in and say high. That is what SF "city" dead heads do! Some, like my roommate from Bakersfield, I introduced to the dead and they were hooked. So we drove all night, had a mushroom omelette , and then danced. We had to sell product ( in this case it was hash)after the show to scrape up gas money to get back to school, but we were jacked the whole way back!

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Today is the 39th year, Sunday anniversary at Spartan Stadium

This was one of those earthquake weather concerts days. You know the one, it feels like a heavy pressure on the head and face like anything could happen. Just ready to crack open the world of time and space and swallow you up whichever way, then just in time cutting your left leg loose and setting you free.

Opening band Greg Khin Band, Charlie Daniels Band and Bill Graham Grateful Dead Event extravaganza featuring Brent Mydland's opening concert with The Good Ol' Grateful Dead;
Found my new friends Dan Chase and Tara Todd, plus a cascade of youngster pranksters that wherein tow. The rest is history!
Hot concert!


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Spartan Stadium - April 22, 1979