Grateful Dead

Veterans Memorial Coliseum - April 22, 1983

Veterans Memorial Coliseum

April 22, 1983

New Haven, CT US

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"Funiculi Funicula" & "Beer Barrel Polka" tunings before "Stranger" - last "Spoonful": 10-15-81 [94]

Set List:

Funiculi Funicula
Feel Like a Stranger
Bird Song
C.C. Rider
Row Jimmy
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Cold Rain and Snow
My Brother Esau

Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
Samson and Delilah
Ship of Fools
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Stella Blue
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

Baby Blue

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dubai-escorts-bunnies, Chris killer, deadzep, Mr_Heartbreak, Tampamal, brezit, Doug Lago, Ras Kafka, pukegrub, gschneider7, Lightnin Will, payingdues, fcbrew, Larchmont, detroitligtn, Shaugn, mtoti1962, eelbones, M.Laurentus, hockey_john, LongHammer6, cub, snafu, LostInAlaska, Gr8ful Ed, ZephyrGirl, intrepid, Geodye420, ChinaRider77, seltz, cryptl1028, droppeddminer, Dpwilljr, rengalt, MAConway, hippierob, kjmcdonagh, napadeadhead, dpw1982, Dancin Dave, Steve-o Brooklyn, DeepSpace, Mud, AlaskaDeadHead1, stroukoa, FiremanBrennan, deadredhead, chcculle, jlawless, billyg, redcdiver, La Gloria, alovours13, Fr8nkenstein, Guardian, Danc1n, Boulderhippy, misterglen, Heynow from The Well, thumbsup.pete, nicklas59, pat L, jtrueheart, ajfink12, whipple, docjbf, rjus, powderjunky, SNUMON, forever-dead,, jeffbigcur, kenrock, flach77, BurntDawg, coldrain_snow, cool colo. rain, MagicPEZ, Fulcanelli, Phaldo, DireWolfStudios, grandwazoo, Lynnzie, uconnjhd, imagine1979, sgf64, amdew122, Thepman, bonesguitar, Rich Go 66, sleazyt15, aikox2, bobbyb, tonymasiello, Brooklyn Peach, Forensicdoceleven, skunjelefeti, lamarred664, free2liv64, yuletime, rami, mosquito, Jimmy C., gammalyte, harryt, aliceDmillionair, oldsouls, Dan_and_Laurie, Upstate NY, Carl Adams, drtim, dave h, ScottNJ, uncjhn, Wharfrat1963, smurph, BEGGERSPAY, CassidyNY59, Cosmic.Wimpout, Mr.Skjellyfetti, ginsu710, gr8tfulandy, rpartusch, playin33041, jgaito, HONDO, Mike Wid, gratefuldad1, Zippy, rebel61aka goin2hlnabuckt, tpiader, MIKIO_56, West.August, Ted S, gratefulgreg1, unyun, HowardH, gdhead77, croc, kenwnn, logstirl, tommygutt, DFBWM, deadheaddave1982, east_coast1, mary-sunshine, JReve, catchmohl, EightyEights, watersong, brainman, boffo the chimp, dedliv, slpatgun, Bssgrl, gregp123, pizzab, SC, mapturtle, Terry Tolkin, Debdeadhead, gr8flsquid, drumzspace, tommyd, kennedk23, Mike Edwards, nalex, SteveinFukuyama, terrimilligan, Jim Gore, Bootleg Bob, CR, trippysky, Cosmic Chas, kentmitchell1961, Live Life in Real Time, PeggyO, levitonjl, Staggerlee, Won-I, Bobby33914, rmcclintock, dhhikerct, RainBox07, tgeier, cryptical1, jaycap, georgewweir, Shoe419, LoneStarDead, Scott-O, joeybug69, BlackandWhite.Peter, the wood fam, Duggles, rodger allinson, Bozo Bus, Charlie Miller


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Good show - one major blow away momement

First time I saw Help-Slip-Franklin's, which was really cool, to say the least. Blow away moment was Spoonful', which I knew very well and nearly everyone else didn't. Dead silence through the whole song, while I was ecstatic. Long Jerry jam coming out of drums; perhaps even too long; Truckin' had that whistle thing at the beginning that they did every so often.


amdew122's picture
Joined: Sep 25 2008
One of my favorite shows..ever

This was my fourth show of this tour and it was already becoming a life changing experience of my life. This night just took it to the next level. We ate and were in a big group, we all got spilt up once we got inside. You know once you enter the flow of people it takes you were you need to go The first set was one of the best of the tour. A killer Stranger was awesome and them bam Bird Song, it was clear the band was going to jam tonight. Phil and Jerry were all over it.The middle part of the set was very fun and then wham Phil and Jerry crank and screamed out Cold Rain, Phil was playing crashing notes which elevated the song to a level that I had not heard or seen since. Brother Esau>Deal was excellent too. The cool thing about New Haven was there were large areas inside the coliseum at each corner where you could dance freely and have great sound, you could have hundreds of people in these areas and it was totally cool.WE did that for the whole first set. For the second set our heads were in the clouds and we needs to sit and chill. We went behind the stage which was very fun again because there were speakers for us to hear and the scene was very cool and you were right there with the band. The set opener was incredible and Slip Knot was crazy, Phil was driving it all the way. Samson was very hot and it was clear Bobby wanted to rage. Ship of Fools was one of the highlights for the show for me, after wards we were screaming like crazy at Garcia and he thought we were nuts or a pain in the ass! To this day it is still one of my favorites. The most outrageous thing I have ever seen Bob do happened in Women are Smarter. He was totally into the song and was acting out the parts as he sang the song. It was hysterical my buddies and I were in tears it was that good. He would put his hands on his hips and behind his ear as he would mimic a woman plus he belted out a great version. The post drums were excellent with Stella Blue this nite stealing my heart and imprinting it unto my soul forever. The Baby Blue is flat out the most powerful and incredible version ever played by them. I will never forget slowly walking out still taking in what we all just witnessed and two older heads lovingly reflecting on the show and they both came to the same conclusion instantaneously that Baby Blue was the best song they played that night. I of coarse humbly agreed and smiled and it was the encore to boot.
"Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you.
Forget the dead, you've left they will not follow you"

Joined: Apr 14 2009
that show was amazing does anyone remember the whirley boxes

iremember those whirley boxes brent was good

Bssgrl's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
Beer Barrel Polka

This was a great show, one of my fav tapes to listen to because of the BBP opener with Jerry noodling around

"We live very close together. So, our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." ~ 14th Dalai Lama

Dpwilljr's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2010
Also my Fourth

It's concur with Amdew122. I would always wander without worrying about where the friends I arrived with were. I knew we would find each other.
When you were a Deadhead back then, sticking to a plan took the adventure out of the experience.
The fun was in roaming and meeting new people and having new experiences you could've never had if you thought "I'm staying in this spot for the whole show".
I roamed back then and attend Phish shows now and still do the same thing. Although sometimes I'm just lookin' for a good spot to dance !!
I think New Haven had some of the best east coast energy of any venue I ever went to. The crowd responded to every note with such intense enthusiasm, it gave you chills.

Joined: Sep 24 2012

Tasty Help>Slip>Frank

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
check this out

Listening to this one this morning . I loved it then and love it now. Barry Glassberg copy of this one on internet archives is off the charts. He made great tapes.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
like being there

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Dpwilljr's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2010

As it was the for the second night as well as the first, the energy inside the coliseum was off the charts. They really gave it to us this night. I remember being on the lower level Phil side and hearing the bombs that dropped.
Phil is dominant throughout this entire run.


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Veterans Memorial Coliseum - April 22, 1983