Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - April 26, 1983

The Spectrum

April 26, 1983

Philadelphia, PA US

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last "Nobody's Jam": 02-16-82 [79]

Set List:

Shakedown Street
New Minglewood Blues
They Love Each Other
Me and My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Maybe You Know How I Feel
West L.A. Fadeaway
My Brother Esau
It Must Have Been the Roses
Let it Grow

Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Nobody's Jam
Morning Dew
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

operagirl, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Pwethman, Frankie In atlanta, GeoffHarrison, iwuzthere, Franklin D,, trips4larzy, brezit, CaptJ8k, scarlet51067, pukegrub, RANGER15, doctorjay, mganter, V-GOD, sugaree511, lexpost, Jerry Gillespie, kennethstaber, payingdues, PeggyO.5.5.1977, IkoIko95, Wryan40, cneiss, arsather, brbadg, Shaugn, mtoti1962, chaseutley, hockey_john, v32, Terrapin Dave, Quazi, andychatfield, aplisko, hitmeister, snafu, LostInAlaska, gloucestercitydeadhead, ZephyrGirl, Stardancer, intrepid, pjam, Geodye420, ChinaRider77, matt stein, seltz, cryptl1028, larsfarmer, golf1180, 7d n me, laurence, Stealyoursurfbordfromunderyourfeet, hippierob, kjmcdonagh, samchaz, diamond dudeegs, napadeadhead, Ljouwert, dpw1982, Dancin Dave, ikonic, ndhart, CableBill, BIODTR58, bill.mayer, Bigcatz1, pitzdidg, Mud, swa, AlaskaDeadHead1, POLARTOX, stroukoa, foreverahead, rcs616, deadredhead, deadratdog, jlawless, redcdiver, Tweety42, bml140, sugarmag68, DCGent, alovours13, Fr8nkenstein, edge 2009, ellis d, cassidy11, landman53, swirlygirl116, Boulderhippy, misterglen, Heynow from The Well, shore taxi, jaxxtraw, pat L, sandwich girl, jtrueheart, ajfink12, whipple, docjbf, gatzapaul, powderjunky, Bettinadragonfly, CarlaDCArea, st stephen 11, kenrock, Chiefchip, gairleog, chaoslodge, flach77, BurntDawg, coldrain_snow, matki822, pairdoc, cool colo. rain, SCDeadhead, MagicPEZ, wharfrat1016, brewstu, Phaldo, grooveon, ladnarc, jsomoza, hippie-hugs, deadheadii, DireWolfStudios, dedhed76, deadheadfrom76, jerseyjed369, darkstar1964, xxuncle johnxx, amdew122, tardis, steviecharles, dbean, redeft, aikox2, bobbyb, DinoBam, Brooklyn Peach, Forensicdoceleven, MICKE527, grantros, skunjelefeti, shithead, rami, red feather, cub, Jimmy C., gammalyte, aliceDmillionair, LittleTerry, flahead, jimi864, gnoodle, cosmicloyed, forcestream, BBAILEY, shwaggy, NM-MCS, Carl Adams, mobay2001, WMC Preacher-Rock, dave h, sakparadise, StaggerLee32, Wharfrat1963, Sprybert, AlanSheckter, Nikolai, twilaq1, Mr.Skjellyfetti, skskck911, BigDog, jwalsh1957, gr8tfulandy, 10sejed, bigbob, playin33041, dloehr, macdoogle, dupree49, WHARFRAT917, Traceling, Zippy, theleven, DeMaumau, birdiewasthere, AoxoA, gr8fuldrew, rgreene, GR8FLPT, jbass77bc, JkStrw, Hopierose, SocietysPliers, West.August, Ted S, Gr8fulglow, ujband233, GratefulGigi, eclipse, HowardH, jgarcia12857, KingLono, Mellowman, George C. Hartman, DedHedMom, RP1, deadheaddave1982, GaryHartman, mcthwait, phoenixburke, andrewmyers, Mr.Wooz, JurassicBlueberries, warphrat, Uncle Jimmie, NoQuarter, deshafe, SBurke, Stephen S Sharkey, wolf, brainman, jackl921, sugarmag122, henry, jblotter, brweldon81, bg905, gregp123, Erica Evans, Big Boss Man, PA_Greg, mapturtle, Terry Tolkin, Debdeadhead, softmonkey, Big Bad Bill, drumzspace, Bob Minkin, Tbear, augustwest41, RAUCHFEST, lappdog1, taperdave, Cub42, Mike Edwards, legionmary, nalex, MovinGroovin, IkoIko65, HDDave, Jim Gore, claw, budculbertson, bonz713, WWTyson, raven0618, fotd313, ScottL57, whitewolf, Gr8fulMark, TracyS, kdole45, Live Life in Real Time, dmfresco, bribenk, levitonjl, jodoyle, Raoul Duke, OneGratefulDad, judyc7, Lesh-Is-More, mcleary, walstib3, B.A., Bobby33914, sunshine daydream, Papa-bear, Sunray Don, georgewweir, jdwilgus, tcerneskie, Lazy-Supp-Deal, spoondivy, LoneStarDead, lindas, starjfa, Kenpb, bgr8fll, Phred, DrkStr, mitchell, joeybug69, marlo, BlackandWhite.Peter, Thom, pomo1, Duggles, stu, MAXROD, Spender, jims, sbd61, javerv, Charlie Miller, aud


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Show Number 2

Show Number 2

Joined: Jun 13 2007
My first show

My first show.

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Let It Grow!

Just as Jerry was finishing "Must Have Been The Roses, I yelled out "Let It Grow", which was my favorite and it seemed like a good place for it... well they played it! I couldn't believe it. I danced like a maniac.... Phil dropped some major bombs at the end to close the set.. Great show!

forcestream's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2008
2nd Row - 2nd Night in a Row

We pulled 2nd row for both of these Spectrum shows (see previous night post).

These shows kicked off a lot of traveling for me in 1983, and this was the show that really did it. I was merely a spectator at shows before this night, but something happened when I got near the back of the main floor and started cutting loose. Now I was a participant. I remember dancing for 2 hours in the lot after the show too.

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Joined: Sep 25 2008
It has been a three days ride from Bakersfield...

The end of Spring tour 1983, wonder when the powers that be will give this tour some justice and feature a show of two for release.Funny side note we were sitting and chilling before the show opposite the stage and this young couple next to us is just making out like crazy for like 20 minutes, we thought they were going to have sex right there, the the lights go down and they stop and run off in opposite directions like nothing happened.The vibe here was loose and mellow so we the phat Shakedown was great to hear. Roses Let it Grow was a nice end to the set. We got the final Help> Slip > Franklin's which was good but not as outstanding as earlier verisons and then Women and drumz kinda of short but they made up for it. A good Truckin> Nobodody's Jam into a great Morning Dew.It was the only one on tour and was played alot less often then than in the 90's. It was what we needed to end a outstanding tour. A hot NFA and the and an upbeat US Blues to send us on our merry way, remember it was the days of Reagan so he was just starting to tighten the noose around our collective necks. Back then it was very different and still loose on tour so it was great to experience that with the Dead and all the people you met.It gave me the first taste of the road and what it is like to just wander sometimes, luckliy I still enjoy it to this day and although I may only see a handful of shows a year now I still have a ball.
I hope you do too.
" With out love in the dream it will never come true"

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Joined: Nov 26 2007
Full Moon

Remember the full moon? This show was smokin'! Opened with one of the best Shakedowns I've ever heard! Opened 2nd with a rippin' Help > Slip > Franklin's & a soulful Dew! Still one of my favorites.

Joined: Nov 13 2010
Grate Show

Another great show from 83.

Joined: Nov 15 2016
First show- 17th birthday.

First show- 17th birthday. What an experience!


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The Spectrum - April 26, 1983