Grateful Dead

Fillmore East - April 27, 1971

Fillmore East

April 27, 1971

New York, NY US

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only "Help Me Rhonda" - only "Okie From Muskogee" - only "Riot In Cell Block #9" - final "Searchin" - "Bertha" appears on "Skull Fuck" - also: NRPS - Orchestra $4.50

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Forty years of being a DEAD HEAD

and going and going and ............

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My first Live Dead experience

The show was opened by NRPS, introduced by Zacherly, a New York TV personality. Beach Boys showed up for a few songs. Glad I got to see and hear Pigpen.
K. Wingler

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Okie From Muskogee

It was left off the boxed set. Anybody have this track want to trade?

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Bachelor party 3

Yes we did party,party,party

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here's a partial set list.

big RR blues
Casey Jones

Good vibrations
Help me ronda
Sing me back home

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this show

I need a set list for this show. where can I go? someone's got to know.

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My brother

My brother turned me on to the Dead in 1968. Fast forward to 4/27/71. Tiger Graham was a freind of ours who worked at the Fillmore East. He offered me and my brother free backstage of a show of our choice. I went to see the Mothers later that spring and my brother went to see the Dead on this night. I have to speak for my bro as he died last June 24th. He and his wife of 42 years lived in the Bay Area since 1968. They were at both Woodstock and Altamont. Back to the story. Tiger told Rick to sit up in the box seat balcony just to the side and above the stage. Sonny Barger was sitting there and then Bob Dylan came in later. Tiger said that in the history of the Fillmore East that once the show started the backstage door to the street was always locked. The only two times they unlocked it was that night for Dylan and a few weeks later for John and Yoko who jammed with the Mothers.( the night after I saw them) During the Beach Boys set Jerry also sat up there for the first few songs and of course went down and jammed. At one point Jerry yelled out a song request "Fun,Fun,Fun!" My brother said Jerry sounded like one of the kids. Tiger also told a story of Bill Graham telling the Fillmore staff that they were not to rip off any momentos from the building when it closed. Jerry was standing there and said in a chicano accent "Hey Bill can I have your watch". The Fillmore was a great place.Any of you old timers remember the term of endearment for fellow hipsters "the kids". So I love 1971 era Grateful Dead perhaps the best. Another side bar to this story was my brother showed up a few weeks later with a reel tape from this show from Tiger. It was the first bootleg of the Dead I ever owned. The first boot I ever heard was from 10/30/70 that Charlie-O was playing on his early cassette recorder in the student union building at SUNY Stonybrook before the Halloween show.So thank you Rick, Tiger,Jerry and Bobo.

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Set 1:
Mama Tried
Next Time You See Me
Cumberland Blues
Me And Bobby McGee
Hard To Handle
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Casey Jones

Set 2:
Sugar Magnolia
Me And My Uncle
Bird Song
Playing In The Band
Dire Wolf
Riot In Cell Block #9
Good Vibrations
I Get Around
Help Me Rhonda
Okie From Muskogee
Johnny B. Goode
Sing Me Back Home
Uncle John's Band
Turn On Your Lovelight

-- The Beach Boys play on Searchin' through Johnny B. Goode
-- Good Vibrations and I Get Around without The Grateful Dead

Good Recording is available @

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I have a copy of Rick's tape :)

My boyfriend and I recently inherited a tape collection from a lovely older dead head. We are just starting out our tape collection, and I've been digging through, making notes of every note on the labels, and then looking up the shows on I'm looking over a tape for this show now, but the recording deck notes say "Rick's to mine", so I'd like to thank your brother for his recording!


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Fillmore East - April 27, 1971