Grateful Dead

Sam Boyd Silver Bowl - April 27, 1991

Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

April 27, 1991

Las Vegas, NV US

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Set List:

Touch of Grey
Walkin' Blues
Friend of the Devil
Mexicali Blues
Maggie's Farm
Loose Lucy
Might as Well

Sugar Magnolia
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
I Need a Miracle
Black Peter
One More Saturday Night

The Weight

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
1st. Vegas Dead Show

Myself & a friend had decided to go to Las Vegas to witness The Deads' first stand there at a major stadium... Desert, sun, fun... I was slightly more enthusiastic than he, as he had a severe shoulder ailment, & had his fricking arm in a sling. Pumped with a steady flow of pain medication, he bravely tagged along. I remember the slot machine space, and the Sinatra tunes bellowing out of the P.A. system. Carlos seemed to be preaching some Religimous doctrins to the gathered throngs. A celebration of Tribal porportions ensued. Yay...!

KJ7XJ's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007
Fear and Loathing

This was my first time seeing the band in Lost Wages and heard many great stores from the Vegas veterans who saw them at the Alladan etc... I was so excited that I made it from LA to Vegas in under 6hours and "didnt get to sle that night"... Carlos was intense!! His new material that he played was amazing. I ran to get "Spirits" when it hit the shelfs the next year. Of course we'd hear Mexicali and FOTD...The Slot Space riviled the locomotove from the next year. We camped right outside the statium so that we'd be first in the following day. Good call, we got up front center and parked on shakedown for the next day.

Joined: Jun 29 2007
First Vegas show for me

got to see linda!!!

Saukkomies's picture
Joined: Jul 3 2007
Deadheads Take Over the Casinos

The Deadhead scene in Vegas that weekend was phenomenal! The local papers ran front-page articles where they interviewed local Deadheads who were prominent citizens such as a local pediatrician. The casinos, hotels, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other businesses were full of Deadheads spending their money and having a great time. Many local people I had contact with were genuinely happy to have us there - several told me that they'd much rather see a huge gathering of Deadheads in their city than, say, a national convention of insurance salesmen! Deadheads were actually considered to be much better behaved than the regular "upstanding citizens" who came to Vegas for conventions and such. It was one of the few places in the early 90s which still welcomed the Dead scene with open arms, and it felt good!

Saukkomies's picture
Joined: Jul 3 2007

I do agree with the comment about Santana preaching to the crowd. It was like they were almost to the point of baptising people on stage! It wouldn't have surprised me much if they'd started doing faith healing in the audience during their concert. I went to both shows that weekend, and it was like seeing the same concert twice - both Santana shows were almost exactly identical to each other, which when compared to the Dead was really a bummer. Good thing I didn't pay money to JUST see Santana!

Duggles's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
What a lot scene!

I do remember that anything goes in the parking lot. From what I heard they only made 2 or 3 arrested the whole weekend. Tanks and puffing and sheer anything. So much fun. As for Santana, Sauk, I do disagree on one point. They did the Good Morning Little Schoolgirl instrumental as an encore one night and not the other I and recall Europa on the second night, one of my favorites. I loved the Santana sets. Just an all around great venue and shows.


Joined: Aug 1 2007
Sat Show

I thought I went only to Sat. show. Anyone know if Santana played on a song or 2 (at the begining I believe) on Sat??? I know someone said he played on birdsong on Sun. But I could have sworn he played Sat w/ the boys also. Unfortunately this was my last show w/ Jerry (saw Other Ones and the Dead few yrs ago) and many many shows in early-mid 80's but want to remember more of my last show. I remember some of every show I ever saw (even when trippin...) but not this one (maybe b/c I wasn't trippin) but was pretty messed up. ANY Help appreciated.

Joined: Aug 31 2007

HOT AND WINDY but who cared!?
The only saving grace of living in Vegas was the dead coming to town. I proved to people I was not alone. I LOVED seeing heads everywhere, plus Peg was their. Everything is weirdest in the land of neon and lounge acts.
Hope it's long and strange

Joined: Jul 26 2007
VEGAS baby

Drove up from Tucson for this, my first of many Vegas runs. Actually, never missed a Vegas show after this. Went with LORI, GOD DO I MISS HER... This was the best of the Vegas runs imo. Things went downhill from here. I guess everyone heard how crazy shakedown st was. Actually drove home after the SUN show in time to go to work MON am. NEVER AGAIN!!

Joined: Apr 4 2008
Bill Graham riding around sat. am on his dirtbike I thinkit was

Hooked up with some buds a couple of crazy cats I like to party
with. Jimmy and Brook . All three of us were wearing big down
jackets and indeed were a sight. Jimmy is black ,pretty big.
Brook is a white with a crazed mad scientist look. Im a tall
native american and all 3 of us are walking around the lot selling
50 cent cans of cheap beer, I cant remember the brand. We definetley
looked pretty shady. even stood out in the crazy parking lot scene.
All of a sudden out of nowhere Bill Graham comes hauling ass
thru vehicles on his dirtbike, telling us we cant sell beer. All 3
of us had a good laugh, and abided by his directions. Only
at a Dead show!


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Sam Boyd Silver Bowl - April 27, 1991