Grateful Dead

Fillmore East - April 28, 1971

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Fillmore East

April 28, 1971

New York, NY US

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also: NRPS - Orchestra $4.50 - "Drums" and "Other One" appear on "Skull Fuck"

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Forty years of being a DEAD HEAD

and the party kept going and going and ...........

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My favorite show ever was this night...

So much is missing here with regard to notes to the show.

This was the night TC was a guest in the second set. I will update another time, but this is a night the dead were reported to be dosed, and they are lucky they were, because it was the best night of the hundreds I've seen. Was about 12th row center.

1st set....Highlights

Truckin Beat it on down the line ChinaCat I know you Rider Candyman Cumberland Blues Box of Rain (Never caught on tape, but was played with Joshua Light Show showing a Box of Rain traveling through fields, lakes and mountains) be continued

2nd Set .... Highlights

Morning Dew Cryptical Envelopment Otherone Cryptical Dark Star St. Stephen Not Fade Away Going Down the Road Sugar Magnolia

I never came down from this show.


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Bachelor party 4

Met some people who became friends for along time. Thanks Roller maybe we will meet again.

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The Quintet

Forty years ago, they were five. The eight-month period between Mick's departure & Keith's arrival is remembered - in the East at least - in the fondest of terms. The skull and roses album is a product of that time, which featured a touring repertoire some wits have described as "psychedelic cowboys". Jerome & Bob had solo projects that worked their way into the band's book - some great tunes - and the boys were all in fine voice then. Pig was still relatively robust and the band had one foot in their beginnings and one in their middle. Things were fresh, energetic, exploratory and extra-long!

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Dead Set heard on Sirus XM Radio.

I would like to give the Dead Set of the April 28 1971 Fillmore Show in New York NY. Personally I was not at the show. I was only 2 and a half at that time. Well here is the Dead Set of this show. 1st Set 1.Truckin. 2.Beat it down on the line. 3.Loser 4.El Paso 5.Ain't it crazy (I think that's the title of the song by PIg Pen I'am not 100% positive.) 6.Bird song 7.Playing in the band 8.Cumberland blues 9.Ripple 10.Me and my Bobby McGee 11.I'am a king bee (Again I think that's the title of the song by Pig Pen I'am 100% sure.) 12.Bertha 2nd Set 13.Morning dew 14.Me and my uncle 15.Deal 16.Hard to handle 17.Other ones 18.Wharf rat 19.Sugar Mongolia (This is when Tom Constanten started performing with the Dead that night.) 20.Dark star 21.St.Stephen 22.Not fade away 23.Going down the road feeling bad 24.Not fade away (Repise) Well this is the Dead Show according to the Sirus XM radio of the April 28 171 Fillmore East show.


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Fillmore East - April 28, 1971