Grateful Dead

Sam Boyd Silver Bowl - April 28, 1991

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Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

April 28, 1991

Las Vegas, NV US

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"Casino Space" during "Drumz" - last "Sunshine Daydream": 07-16-90 [61] - Carlos Santana opened

Set List:

Jack Straw
Wang Dang Doodle
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Bird Song

Foolish Heart
Saint of Circumstance
Crazy Fingers
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Around and Around
Sunshine Daydream

Box Of Rain

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Dashoesoff's picture
Joined: Dec 14 2007
I was at the show and have

I was at the show and have the tape. I was into heavy metal before the dead and what phil did during Birdsong was as heavy metal as any metal band ever.

also Carlos stood center stage with head bowed and hands clasped in prayer for a while as the band sang the first verses of birdsong and flowed into the jam before he started playing.

Joined: Nov 14 2007
vegas 91

Camped in the Granite Mtns on the way from LA, and the poppies were psychelically BRIGHT ORANGE in the Antelope Valley. I hate hate hate Las Vegas but had a great time at this show.

Joined: Jan 27 2009
the dust bowl

I was just reading the set list & got sand in my mouth.

bryonfake's picture
Joined: Aug 4 2007
strateeegec infeltration sneaking into vegas

hot to trot the coins landing on top of the open pit we were in we were bacon in a pan ozzing our souls to the goody grease
my buritos dident sell out in leu of cold cold water

Joined: Jan 13 2010
attended this show

and the 27th. good times, folks.

I am listening to it on the archive right now; my cassettes, which I dug up yesterday after many years, are a bit speedy, and not listenable to my OCD ears.

The archive sounds mighty fine, however.

Love the archive!!!

trailermonkey's picture
Joined: Dec 1 2014
Fan-dand-tastic, HOT memories!

Two of my good friends and I jumped into an orange, VW Fastback and drove down to Vegas from Tacoma Washington. The car had a rust hole on the drivers side floor and the heat was stuck on full blast. We only had one headlight and every time we hit a big bump our one remaining light would go out. We'd have to drive around a parking lot to find a speed over it fast...and our one headlight would blaze back to life. Needless to say that mechanical things and I don't get along. We slept for a couple hours in the University of Nevada Reno parking lot on the way and then crashed for another couple hours in the Flamingo lot when we rolled into Vegas. The show was Grand but HOT! I remember hogging the mist hose for awhile too long but everybody was super cool. I had a pretty big beard and it smelled like sweat, burrito, beer, happiness and a little shame. I do still have a few pics we snapped inside and outside the show. Unfortunately things were a little brain-blurry back then. On the way home when we hit the California border they ask me if I had any fruit in the car. Apparently I looked like a deer caught in the headlights(or "headlight"). I stared at the man for a bit and then I mumbled "" He laughed and let me head on northward. We had also drove all the way down and back with one headlight. Minutes after we crossed back into Washington a cop pulled us over. He told us we had a headlight out. I told him of our epic journey allllllll the way south to see the Gods of time and space known as the Grateful Dead and then allllll the way back with one headlight. Now he had pulled us over on our very own doorstep. He said "We are better cops in Washington...get that thing fixed and get some sleep." 2 and a half hours later...I was wrapped in my sleeping bag, in my basement cave, in the house full of crazy people that I lived in...dreaming of a band beyond description. Peace and years my friends.


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Sam Boyd Silver Bowl - April 28, 1991